Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year!

My page in this year has almost come to an end. As i take glance to what i have done, I see a person with a piece of regret with a hand down low. Some chances i had blown; some heart I couldn't avoid to break but still I couldn't count how many blessings I receive this year. Again, Myself has failed me to bring me to the point of expectation of someone with great hope.
2008 is very special to me because i found my better half. i have someone who i can be thankful for every single day of my life. He inspires me, He helps me make the right decision in life, He treasures me, He trust me, He motivates me,He respect me and most of all He Loves me for what i am and what i am not. I love him so much!!
I just want to thank first, my Family for being my inspiration, for giving me a second chance in my studies, who never give up on me though i have lot's of errors in life.
My Friend, who never leaves me in times of trouble, who always their to guide me and who always stand at my side no matter what happen.
My Hubby, He's the best thing that happen to me this year. I thank him for showing me what real love is and for giving me courage to face all the hindrance in my life.
and of course to our GOD all mighty! without him i am nothing, he's our savior, our father. Without him i don't have a supporting parents, wonderful friends and blooming love life.



peteformation said...

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Hi,Thks for dropping by my blog. I have added you to my blog list at my blog
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