Thursday, August 02, 2007

Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori

Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori is my favorite Japanese animated series known as Hell Girl. Jigoku Shoujo initially surprised me in that it was not only creepy enough to drain the blood from my skin on occasion, but that it set the stage to seriously talk about human nature through our desire for vengeance. Most episodes contain short stories which show the suffering of different people caused by one or more antagonist. A website known as hotline to hell can be access during midnight is the way for revenge against their torment. They will just simply type the name of someone against whom they have grudge, the Jigoku Shoujo or Hell Girl will offer them a straw doll with a red string wound about his neck. If the pull is pulled, she will ferry the target of the revenge straight to hell. However the client agrees to a pact where those who request her intervention will also be sent to hell when they die.

Jigoku Shoujo is a must see for anime horror fans though it’s not really horror, But more creepy. Hahaha. I wish that there would be such website as hotline to hell... (So mean)