Saturday, January 03, 2009

another survey

Living the Life You Love

Full name?: Chenee Marie Quia-eo
DOB?: September 20, 1989
Age?: 19
Eye color?: Black
Hair Color?: Black
Height?: 5'7
Weight?: dont kno
Your Best Guy Friend
Name?: Lester
Dob?: April 10, 1989
Age?: 19
Eye Color?: black
Hair Color?: black
Best Girl Friend
Name?: Ethel
DOB?: March 7, 1989
Age?: 19
Eye Color?: Black
Hair Color?: Black
Name?: Peter
DOB?: September 7,1987
Age?: 22
Eye Color?: Black
Hair Color?: Black
Odd and Ends
Favorite Song?: lots
Favorite/Lucky Number?: 08
Favorite School Subject?: Psychology
Family Life
Married Parents?: yes
Which parents do you get along with the best?: my dad
What family member do you get along with the best?: my younger brother
Do you want to get married eventually?: yes
Do you want to have kids eventually?: yes
Do you love yourself?: yes
Do you love your friends?: yes
Your family?: yes
Do you believe in love at first sight?: NO
Do you believe in true love?: of course
WHO do you love?: my family, friends
This or That
Single or relationship?: relationship
Sun or rain?: rain
Night or day?: night
Light or dark?: dark
No romance or overly so?: or
Girly or tomboy?: girly
Preppy or emo?: preppy
Cute or hott?: cute
Lose family or friends?: friends
Hot or cold?: cold
Tall or short?: tall
Long or short hair?: long
Chocolate or vanilla?: chocolatevanilla :P
Life or death?: life

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