Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tech tips tricks

There's another blog that i find interesting. tech tips & tricks owned by a frustrated programmer ( that's what i saw) but i don't think the author is frustrated though. i actually like it. it consist of information regarding our technologies. i noticed that most of his post are computer related like javascript, windows, net, wizard and other computer program. i don't really understand some of his posts because in the first place my field of knowledge isn't for computers. There's also posts about Online casino, pokers, and tips of making money online. You can surely learn a lot on that site. especially those young programmer who wants to improve on their fields.
tech tips & tricks

Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm not talking about the time before sunrise and the time after sunset. Twilight is a young adult vampire-romance novel written by Stephenie Meyer that became a movie that premiered last wednesday here in our country. me and my friends got to watched it last night for two times. Hell! i can't help but shudder every romantic scene and few lines of Bella and Edaward.
" I feel so protective to you"
" I don't have a strength to stay away from you"
" I'd rather die than to stay away from you"
"Edward Cullen: And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.
Isabella Swan: What a stupid lamb.
Edward Cullen: What a sick, masochistic lion. "
"You are my life now"
" Your smell is like a drug to me. You're my personal brand of heroin."
those are the lines that stored in my head and i just can't get over it.. i actually regret of not buying the Twilight book in national bookstore last September because i was so preoccupied and busy looking for The Love in time of Cholera yet until now i haven't start reading it.. funny thing was i did cry last night because of the regret that i feel. Though my hubby promised me that he'll help me look for the complete sequel of Stephenie Meyer's novel, i still can't wait to have one.. i'm so frustrated right now.. hay!!! :(
anyways, too much of my frustrations.


Christmas is just around the corner and some of us here are just thinking about what to buy for their love once, you even ask any gift ideas. The ideal gift for me this christmas is the video portalbe ipod nano. it is the hottest brand of portable media player in town. With a clear sound and adjustable equalizer, you can adjust your favorite sound effect. Playing almost all format of sound, music lovers should have this gadget in their hand. Additional menus such as calender to adjust your appointment, contact to save your friend's number and pictures to keep your favorite photos, keep your day as bright as morning time. Not to mention simple games to keep you busy while waiting. For a music player, it has almost everything I ever think of. More menus for radio and sound recorder will make it a must have item. even the touchless ipod Touch is cool too. g. The size is not too big and it also has many features, such as repeat mode, shuffle mode, alarm, address book, and slide show. It is perfect for anyone who like jogging and sports. The sound quality are great, easy to use, and also good portability. It also able to download musics from online stores. The battery life is also great. I can connect this ipod to PC through USB cable. The price is a little expensive. you can compare the price here in Price comparison so that you will know the cheapest prices of ipods now.

i have been craving for one of those gadget since it was launched but i can't buy one because i need to save my penny for my schools and other stufffs. hope i am able to help you...
Advance Merry Christmas to all and God bless!


Sunday, November 23, 2008


alejate is a song a spanish song by Josh Groban. It means Walk away in english. Hell! it's very sad song. i can't help my tears to fall when i first heard this song few months ago.

here's the English translation of Alejate


I never felt so much love in my soul

And no one loved me more than you did

Because of you I laughed and cried

I was reborn also

All I had, I gave to keep you here

I know that saying goodbye is best

Suffering, I will pay for my mistake

And nothing will be the same

I have to accept it

And find the strength in me for this goodbye

Just walk away

I cannot bear it anymore

There’s no way to go back in time

Forget it and let me go on alone with my solitude

Go away, tell me goodbye

I will resign myself to go on without your warmth

And I will never understand what happened

If there’s nothing I can do

Just walk away

I’m not going to repent for yesterday

Loving you and I know, woman

For that love

For always being faithful

Today I have to be strong and learn

i'm starting to cry again :((

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Technology me

What's the latest trend today??Do you have a hard time looking for a brand new gadgets that suit you?want to keep updated to our latest technology today? Take a look at this site Technology with me .

Hotel California

I'm hell bored again, i'm just reading this blog " The lost pages, Adult content, funny" while vending in ragnarok (the most boring part in playing that game) i decided to post another entry here in my boring page.

I saw this post when i was browsing my net... i remember the song my uncle used to sing every time we had our family gather every Christmas or any simple occasion. maybe, some of us are so familiar of the song Hotel California by the Eagle that was released as a single in 1977.

Welcome to the Hotel California.
Such a lovely place. Such a lovely face.
There’s plenty of room at the Hotel California.
Any time of year, You can find it here.

well, it so happen that i saw the real hotel California. isn't it nice? ha ha ha

The lost pages, Adult content, funny

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

... is just around the corner

.it feels nice to know that somebody cares for you.
..someone who doesn't take you for granted.
..someone who doesn't just talk to you whenever he wants to.
..someone who makes you feel special. needs proper timing. ♥ were a little late though.. *hmmft!*
..a lot of things have happened to me..
..during those times when you were not around. *sniff*
..but I'm glad you were always there and will always be..
..if you're reading this I want to thank you and say sorry.'ve always been there all those years but I failed to look at you..'ve made me realize a lot of things.

..and to the person who made me feel stupid all along...

Hey! Thanks too! made me realize how worthy I am.. be loved and cared for by someone other than you. heart is not a play thing. *bleh* made me experience mixed emotions..
..confused, stupid, naive and crazy sometimes.
..hanging to something that was never there..
..anyway it was all just a BROTHERLY love. ♥
*uhh.. i just realized that! so you know..*
..goodbyes are not forever.. but they do hurt sometimes too.


I remember I have 2 conflicting quotes in my phone..
*I've been wanting to share em`*
Here they are..

"When you walk away,
make sure that you haven't left something you can't live without behind..
Remember.. nothing lasts forever..
No one will wait forever because someone may pick up what you've failed to value.."


"It's better to wait for years for that someone you are sure of..
than to grab that chance with someone who picks you up..
..but drops you wherever he/she wants to.."


Anyway.. which side are you on?
*Hey that's a question out of curiosity!*
Which is better? Hmmmm...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tarot card

i'm currenly having my tarot card session with my self. i really enjoy reading it...haha it's somehow true. i tried it once to my neighbor and when i started reading her deck she was amaze coz by what i read on her.. i'm not really that fun of fortune teller and don't have a plan of becoming one. as i've said on my previos blog. i just want to have a tarot card maybe as a collection and thanks to my hubby for giving me one...

here's a beginners guide for tarot card reading that i still practice

Tarot is a means of divination - that is, the art of 'reading' the future or uncovering the unknown. The tarot consists of a set of playing cards which are dealt into a particular layout according to what your question is. When dealing the cards you should focus on a particular problem you may be experiencing or think about an aspect of your life about which you'd like more clarity. Traditionally the tarot has been interpreted by a 'tarot-reader' - either professional or amateur. More recently, however, computers have been used more often to give readings online or on CD Roms etc.

There is much mystery surrounding the history of the tarot and myths about its origins abound. Some cynics say that this mystery has been perpetuated as a marketing tool for tarot card salesmen! However, by just looking at the evidence available we can estimate that the earliest surviving full deck was painted in 1422 by Italian artist Bonifacio Bembo. This is known as the Visconti deck, named after the Duke of Milan, who commissioned them. Although accounts of Ancient Egyptian, Celtic, Indian and earlier Italian links have been suggested, there is no evidence to support claims of earlier decks than the Visconti. It is possible that these more exotic links were drawn as a result of the Moorish and other cultural influences on Italian society at the time.

The cards were originally used for a game called Tarocchi or 'Game of Triumphs' which was similar to Bridge. The game was played mainly by the Upper Classes and has continued in some circles (mainly in Italy and France) to be played to this day.

The tarot's use by the Upper Classes probably saved the game from being banned by the Church (though some accounts state that tarot was considered heretical and outlawed by the Church). Indeed in the latter half of the fifteenth century some church sermons labelled tarot as the work of the Devil. But in fact the Church concerned itself more with the use of ordinary playing cards, which were considered gambling. Some cards from the tarot deck - such as the Devil, the Tower and the Death card - were on occasions omitted from the pack, as they were feared by many people, but little harm was actually done to the use of the cards until centuries later.

The tarot has undergone many permutations in its use, design and interpretation over the centuries. There is early evidence, for instance, to suggest that one of the first permutations was in using the cards as inspiration for poetry - possibly the first use in describing aspects of the human psyche and personality traits. The cards have since evolved according to the prevailing culture of the times and attitudes within them.

The first evidence of tarot being used as a divinatory tool came in the early eighteenth century in Bologna. In 1781 a clergyman, Antoine Court de Gebelin, revitalised and raised awareness of the tarot in his book, which drew links between the imagery in the Major Arcana and the mysteries of Ancient Egypt. This was later picked up by occult practitioners (occult means "hidden") such as Alistair Crowley and Waite of the Rider-Waite deck. The imagery on this deck is the one with which we are most familiar today as this was the deck introduced into America in the twentieth century and the only one readily available to generations of Americans. We therefore tend to associate the tarot with more esoteric connections, rather than the lighter use which defined its origins in fifteenth century Italy, over 500 years before.

There are 78 cards in a tarot deck. These cards are made up of a Major Arcana (Trumps) and Minor Arcana. Arcana means mystery, which reflects the secret wisdom contained in each card.

The Major Arcana
Major Arcana or 'Great Mysteries' consists of 22 cards and represents our journey through life.

The Minor Arcana (Lesser Mysteries)
consists of 56 cards and represents day-to-day living.
The Minor Arcana can be divided into four suits. These are Wands, Cups, Swords and Coins.

The Suits
The Wands represent doing
Key words: Action, change, beginning, resolution, fire element.

The Cups represent being
Key words: Feeling, emotions, spiritual, love, water element.

The Swords represent thinking
Key words: Ideas, understanding, reason, conflict, air element.

The Coins represent having
Key words: Money, property, abundance, earth element.

Each suit consists of numbered cards from Ace to Ten
plus four Court Cards - the Page, Knight, Queen and King.

Court cards
The Court Cards traditionally represent a person in your life or an aspect of yourself. For instance, turning up the Knight of Wands suggests you or someone in your life may be acting irresponsibly and therefore behaving like this Knight. This site has been written so that all the interpretations can be found in the text. You do not need to do any extra work in adding the Court Card interpretations into your readings.

Card numbering
These definitions are not intended to give comprehensive definitions (nor do they fit each card precisely). Rather, they provide general patterns and a rough path through the suits:

Ace: Represents the essence of its suit
Two: First steps into the area of the suit
Three: Further steps
Four: Inner blocks to be overcome along the way
Five: Hardship, strife, struggle, conflict
Six: Journeys and learning new lessons
Seven: Learning further, more challenging lessons in order to break into the new
Eight: Having to persist through difficulties
Nine: Final lessons
Ten: The end result of learning all the lessons of the suit
Page: The apprentice who learns and plays with the essence of the suit
Knight: The rebellious or 'darker' side to the suit
Queen: The feminine manifestation of the suit - its 'inner aspect'
King: The masculine manifestation of the suit - its 'outer,' worldly aspect.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nights in Rodanthe

Movies like Nights in Rodanthe are beyond reviewing, because intellectually analyzing them cancels out their intended effect. This is a weepie, pure and simple. If you're the type that likes crying at the movies, you'll love it. If you loved Richard Gere and Diane Lane together in a thriller like Unfaithful (2002) but you don't like to cry, you probably won't like it. Me, I found a few things to like and much to loathe.

Diane Lane stars in Nights in Rodanthe as Adrienne Willis, a frazzled single mother with a young son and a teenage daughter; the latter has just begun talking back and expressing her universal disdain for everything her mother does. Adrienne's no-good husband (Christopher Meloni), who, we learn, has had an affair, arrives to pick up the kids so that Adrienne can go help her happy-go-lucky pal Jean (Viola Davis, playing a typical movie "best friend") look after a sexy, beach-side North Carolina hotel during its off-season. Unfortunately, the husband now wants to get back together.

Confused Adrienne arrives at the hotel, which is decorated head-to-foot in all kinds of colored, tinkly bric-a-brac and prepares for its one and only guest. Dr. Paul Flanner (Richard Gere) is a doctor struggling with a dark secret, and who has arrived for an equally mysterious errand. The attractive duo eventually warm up to one another and talk, but their dark secrets get in the way. Meanwhile, a huge storm threatens to blow away everything that isn't nailed down. I guess it's not too hard to guess what happens next. (Trivia hounds: this is Gere and Lane's third movie together. Besides Unfaithful, they were in Francis Ford Coppola's The Cotton Club together way back in 1984.)

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the new movie is how rare this genre is these days. Lately, weepies come attached to some important message so that the picture can rise up to earn accolades and Oscar nominations; they're set during a war, or have something to do with disease (think Atonement or Love in the Time of Cholera). Nights in Rodanthe doesn't require any such pretense. It's about a man and a woman who fall in love, and because we're talking Nicholas Sparks, we're talking tragic results rather than happy ones. And that's it.

Because Nights in Rodanthe is such a pure weepie, it made me recall an influential study done by film scholar Linda Williams, who helped define the "body genres." She named porno, horror films and weepies as the three main genres that elicit physical reactions from audiences. I never agreed with her on the weepie categorization until now. This is exactly the type of movie she was talking about. Like a porno film or a horror film, it has one goal and only one goal. If it affects you intellectually, then it has failed. If it doesn't jerk your tears, then it has failed.

Diane Lane goes a long way toward making the film work. She's perfectly at home inside this material (as she usually is in any material, bless her), and her emotional openness and ease carry us through some of the clunkier passages. However, rookie director George C. Wolfe, who comes from television, fails to direct Gere with the same touch; Gere seems to overshoot his lines, always aiming too high, as if unsure of his character's responses. This split continues across the film; the music selection is good (Dinah Washington!) and the set design seems right, but the tone, the editing and the pacing fall far short of their potential. One scene at a town fish-fry earned unintentional laughs from the audience at my screening.

Then there's the story by Nicholas Sparks, which is what it is. It's pure hokum, totally ridiculous, but the trick is to treat it as if it weren't. And because Wolfe fails half the time, the story begins to show through, more and more frequently calling attention to itself. The greatest weepies ever made are the ones by Douglas Sirk in the 1950s (Written on the Wind, All That Heaven Allows, etc.). Sirk was an artist, and he could shape and design an absolutely brilliant scene around the most hysterical plot; his films almost play more like films noir than weepies. I don't feel ashamed watching them. But perhaps that's the key. As with horror films and porno films, much of the joy of weepies comes from the stupid, guilty pleasure we feel at having been so crassly manipulated.

Which leads me to the major problem of Nights in Rodanthe: the fact that Gere is in his fifties and Lane is in her forties. It's much harder to fool audiences in that age group; they've seen more movies and know more tricks. Younger audiences have greedily indulged in the previous two Sparks films The Notebook (2004) and A Walk to Remember (2002), mainly because they were based on characters in their teens and twenties and the stories probably seemed new. The first Sparks film, Message in a Bottle (1999), was also based on the older generation, and it failed. Nights in Rodanthe exists in a similar void. Younger viewers are not going to want to see an icky romance about (eww!) people their parents' age, while older viewers are going to want to stay home and rent Atonement.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

hate hate

Have you ever felt like you woke up at the wrong side of the bed? Have you ever felt like you’re not in the mood to talk to or get acquainted with the new people inside your workplace? Have you ever thought of screaming so loud to release your anger or pull a chair and slam it on the face of your stupid colleague? Well, I do…for no reasons at all.

I hate this feeling. I hate everything about today. I hate the murmuring. I hate the petty noises. I dunno how to explain. I’m not here to be the best friend of everybody. I am here to work. Plain and simple. Nobody should mess with me…but nobody is doing anything to me.

I don’t wanna talk. I don’t wanna converse with anybody. And I don’t need to explain. Love me or hate me. This is me. This might sound rude to some people but I love this…the serenity of working in your own post WITHOUT NOBODY to talk to and fake a smile.

Without nobody..double negative.Darn. Don’t even think of correcting me because I’m in no mood to follow any rules today..not even the grammar thingies.

Writing has always been my refuge. It’s a relief for me to vent out my feelings without anyone judging me. And there. Now I’m kinda okay. Kinda. I can now proceed to my work but still, don’t wanna be bothered by nobody.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

my very first award

Everyday, it is my hobby to turn on my PC and check my mails and sometimes read my blogs. just like my daily routine, as i checked my blog someone leave me a comment saying i receive a butterfly award. I am really thankful to Jody from for giving me my very first award. Now, it's my turn to give award to some people deserve some recognition on there blogs.

After cancer, now what
Woman on a journey
Buzzed the net
Blog of masterful entertainment
To infinity and beyod
••• atenean101
The leaves of autumn| Everyday living

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

happy 2nd monthsary

me and my boyfriend are celebrating our second month together and it was my turn to treat him out. so, i bring him in Garden Fresco since he haven't heard of that place before. the place is nice and cozy. It suits for couple who wants privacy. Candle light dinner at the side of the pond is so romantic and i love it. i will never ever forget this night. i'll share some pictures here if i'm done uploading my photos. One of the thing that made me so happy today is his gift. he gave me a tarot card. I've been a sucker of tarot card and reading, psychic, witches, etc etc since i can't hardly remember. i was in college when i thought my interest on that stuff was gone. Late this september when my obsession about tarot cards arouse me and i'm back looking for tarot cards again. Thanks to my boy friend coz he gave me a tarot card consist of tarot card and the book to guide me in using it. aside from that, he also gave me a book entitled Nights in Rodanthe. It's a novel written by Nicholas Sparks that became a movie that will be shown soon. too much gift. Unfortunately i had no gift fror him since i was planning to buy a figurine and i will be the one to paint it. since there's no cute design, i decided to look for some cute design tomorrow since the sales lady told me that there will be stucks will delivered tomorrow.

TIll here guys

Ja Ne~