Wednesday, March 19, 2008

High Street 5

High Street 5 is another MMORPG Online game originally came from Korea. HS5 is different from the Q-style/Cartoon-type of traditional online music games; it is vogue, fashionable, unique and stylish. Mixed with stunning vivid characters and scenes, the Game presents gamers with a virtual daily living environment filled with music, dance, socialization and exploration. There are vivid characters, fashionable attire, and dazzling special light effects in HS5. All these glitter yourself with endless sparkles. High Street 5 can be said to be the direct competitor of Audition, another game that is almost the same in terms of game play. When compared the Audition, I would say High Street 5 beats it hands down. That however is just my opinion. Graphically it is stunning and realistic, music wise it has the latest Chinese pop hits and some famous English songs like Clumsy, Bartender and some songs of Shakira.