Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon Premier

I think everyone is a hell excited for the premier of New Moon tomorrow night. I ain't excited to watch that movie but i'll be watching New Moon tomorrow with my friends to celebrate Ganessa's Birthday. I have completed all twilight saga's and i love reading the books. . They are just really good books. One thing i hate about watching the movie? is the fact that Kristen Stewart's acting ability. Sorry Pro K-Stew out there, she's pretty but a very lame actress. ;)

An article that i have read on technorati
Kristen Stewart can't seem to catch a break. Yes she's beautiful, yes she plays Bella Swan in the outrageously popular Twilight film series, and yes she may (or not) be dating her co-star, the swoon-worthy Robert Pattinson — so why, with all these seemingly positives going on, does she seem so dour? The answer may be something as simple as: she just doesn't care about being famous. Don't tell that to the legion of Twilight fans who flock to the movies to see her and her equally popular co-stars, the aforementioned Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. To those fans, she is ruining their mental fantasy of how the Twilight character from their beloved Stephanie Meyer series should behave. It's ok to brood, act sullen and dark on screen, but off screen fans expect something different.
K-Stew, as she is sometimes affectionately (or not) referred to has never had a reputation for giving good interviews. She often seems distracted, irritated or downright angry during interviews. With the second film, The Twilight Saga: New Moon coming out this Friday, Stewart has brand new opportunities to make fans angry.

“Kristen Stewart is just so boring. Looks boring. Acts as if shes bored. Shes plain boring,” - Poppins__09

“Omg. How can Kristen Stewart be an actress when she can't even answer a question in an interview without stuttering and being awkward,” - aurenhayes7

“Kristen Stewart on 'Today' was a waste of time. I wonder if her on 'Regis & Kelly' is going to be any better. It will have to wait for now,” - jesseboijai.

The New York Times ran an interview with Kristen this past weekend, and unlike so much of the tabloid stories, I felt this piece captured the true essence of why Stewart might come across negatively. This young woman didn't seek fame, it found her and while she has certainly chosen to pursue a career in acting, she doesn't want her job to define who she is. Stewart also doesn't want to give away every aspect of her life to the media machine, which she knows has swallowed girls just like her whole.

If fans of the Twilight series could walk in Kristen's shoes and get a glimpse of the pandemonium of her life as Bella, they might understand where her self-preservation instincts come from. However, teen girls aren't always known for showing mercy, especially towards someone as seemingly blessed as Stewart (who may or may not be canoodling with the object of their desire.)

I watched the Today show interview and felt she came across nicely, albeit worn out and suffering from a cold. None of the anguished tweets expressed above seemed reasonable, and compared to her Hollywood peers, I'd say Kristen sets a good example for her young fan base by keeping a part of herself private and respecting her own individuality.

Now, about that whole smoking thing...

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