Wednesday, May 20, 2009

two types of irresponsible people

There are two types of irresponsible people.

1. The Lovable Scatterbrain
These are the ones who slack off in their schoolwork, absent-mindedly leave their personal belongings everywhere, and consistently forget to do daily chores, like watering a plant. They are cute and carefree (aka ditzy). Their behavior would generate a ton of stress for the average person... like starting a 6 page paper the day it's due, or misplacing a wallet. But they're generally okay with whatever situations they find themselves in, and tend to have an optimistic view of life.

2. The Desperate Friend in Need
These people 1) wait until the last minute to print something out, then 2) freak out because the printer doesn't work... and 3) beg you to solve their problem.

I would consider myself to be a mix of both. I always feel really bad when I call my mom and ask her to send me things that I left at home, and I'm surprised that she still continues to do it whenever I ask. I'm really grateful for her patience.

I'm working on it... forgetfulness is a trait that can be fixed, if you have the right tools. (That's part of the reason why I love to make lists!)

Monday, May 11, 2009

8 phrases of Dating

These were created and illustrated by Matthew Inman of Mingle2. Awesome!

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Friday, May 08, 2009

advance global material

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Friday, May 01, 2009


“It is a mixture of salt content with some long chemically hard pronouncing minerals terms that will surely confuse everyone.”

That’s almost everyone’s concept if you would to ask them what they
really know about tears. Fact is, everyone cries but few bother asking.

For all we know, crying is the first thing that comes after birth.When we are growing, crying often gives advantages over the slightest mistake made over a clumsy fall.

As we grew older, crying helps to relieve the inner grief that is unbearable. Sometimes we tried to hold back, but Mother Nature filled every human being with so many emotional cells that sometimes it seems that tears are free to flow from within. It’s a lie that men don’t cry, for there’s nothing chauvinist for a man to shed his tears but for a fruitful course that is.Adults cried quietly, trying to hide the attention of those weary eyes. I cried many times in my life, sometimes over silly things, sometimes over a sad movie, sometimes over a failure, sometimes over a relationship. Its funny to say, but I sometimes enjoyed crying alone. Crying heals inner pain, for the lost of someone or something special is sometimes impossible to explain with understanding human terms. It is a better way of express of sadness & grief than any form of action put together.

Every person who cries will need a shoulder for support. A strong firm shoulder who can shelter the sadness from the touch of wrath. So next time you ever see a person crying, lend him/her your shoulder, cry with him/her if you want…

After shearing the tears of agony, you must remember to pick yourself up. Though many people has taught you that its no use crying over spill milk, you must remember to fetch another pail of fresh milk and continue in life. Many people are stuck in the whirl of disbelief when they are sad and often resulting in loss of confidence, self-esteem and self-respect. When you do that, you would realize that people won’t support you as much as you hope they will.