Sunday, December 21, 2008


Beyond the glance of my eyes, I could see a distant world where I am lost in the swirling sea. A dimension of love and illusion. Lonesomeness no one can explain nor can any advice take away the sadness away. I don’t want to be in a relationship anymore yet I’m killing myself to find myself a savior of my passion where I rest my soul in the finish line. I don’t want to fell in love with a dead boy or turned myself into a starfish that’s being cut over and over again.

My kindred spirit could wait in time of salvation where finally I found my peace. An eternalness of ever being to be with someone until time finally stops. But all I found is just lust and no love, is this what the world about nowadays? Flesh seeking for flesh, a delusion of wreckage in front before finally dust meets dust. Sorority of two hearts are so hard to find, maybe I just stop trying and be happy about my lonesomeness.

I talked with me today and he promised to stay with me until the end. No matter what the world changes into, he promised me he won’t change. People broken promises, but not him. People hurt other people, but not him. He protects me from the world, like a cocoon it surrounded me comfortably. We belong as one, he is me and I am him. No one could understand us, only us and there’s just us.

Clocks always ticking on me, like a smooth sea of pearls we clones each other until nothing left from the blue print. Nails on each back clutching to the beat every heart make and silenced it into the black dawn. Crying, flowing majestically upon gates of golden arrows soaring wildly in their heads like shadows speaking to me in my sleep. Blue fingers are taking my sight and placed it back in the tunnels of crystal and smile wisely as he turned his back to the world.

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