Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to sell gold

There comes a time in once life that we need to rid ourselves of some clutter or some valuables that we have outgrown or as we say items that have no longer use to us. Instead of setting it aside or letting it just depreciate its worth why not get the best of it and save or invest the money you gained from these items. I find this topic a very common problem especially if you are the sentimental type of person, these type of people often have a hard time detaching themselves of items even though its worth is depreciating by the day they rather choose to keep an item for other reasons. Well I understand there sentiments and I know what these people are going through, but there comes a time that we must learn to detach ourselves from this materials and as we do why not get the best out of it. I came across an article about how sell gold that can help you get the right value or even more for your valuables like gold,silver,flatware and other sterling items. I am amazed on their practice, they publish prices a practice that is by no means the standard in the industry. And they do this to show how sincere they are and how committed they are to help their customers get what they deserve for their valuables. The company does not teach you only how sell gold ,but also assures you with their triple advantage process allows our clients to make more money, faster, and more conveniently. I assure you that they will be the best place to sell or pawn your prize possessions.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HON: watch out for a new patch release and new character

According to Heroes of Newerth Facebook account they will be releasing a new update and it features a new character named PANDA WARRIOR also known as Pandaren Brewmaster of DOTA.

Free stylish web templates

Making and building your own website is not that easy as what some people think. You need to have your own personal domain, You need to have a topic to post on your website and of course you need to have a design so that your website will look good to all your visitors. But, having all of this is sure expensive since many of us will hire a web designer to make our own website template. While searching for a free website templates i came across this website: where you can download website templates for free. Yes! It's absolutely free and all you need to do is just download. They offer a number of design and 2 categories where you can choose. The business web templates and personal web templates. Just visit for more free web templates and choose any design that you think will suit your personality.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy hits the Philippines

Typhoon Ondoy hits manila over the weekend and our country faced with an unexpected disaster once again. Many houses have gone to wasted, some people were stranded at the middle of the road, at the rooftop and a number passed away and missing. I think it's time for us filipino to help our fellow countrymen. Our simple donation or even a prayer is a big help. Disregard politics. Arm in arm let's dug into the roots of bayanin coz that's what our country needs now.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Car and Truck Donations

Have you ever heard of Car Donations and Boat Donations? I don't believe it at first till i came across this website where you can Donate your unused boats and cars to help those who needs food, shelter, or medical care. When i look around, many people are homeless My heart aches and many times i wonder whether i can do anything that will bring a difference. There are hundreds of people who keeps on donating, It's not too late to help other by Car Donations you can contribute to such a noble cause and one good thing is your tax will be deducted depending on how much your car is worth.
Maybe some of you are wondering why some people donates their vehicle instead of selling it . One of the main reason why people decides to donate their vehicle is because they are tired of trying to sell the vehicle themselves. and what will happen to the donated vehicles? The Charity or Foundation where they donate their vehicles will renovate and sell it on cheaper price. Your not just helping the needy people but you are also helping other people who wanted to have a car or boat but they can't afford to buy a brand new one for the reason that it is too expensive but because of your donation they can Buy Used Boats and Used Cars.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cheap binders

I now agree on the saying that simple things makes our complicated lives much easier in ways one couldn't expect, This topic popped up in my mind when I was fixing my papers last night as I was about to file some yearly papers at the city office then the nightmare started. I couldn't locate the papers I was looking for and everything was a real mess, papers getting mixed up with other documents,bills,letters. Then I recall I wasn't this unorganized before, as I was trying to think of ways to help me become organized especially with the tons of papers and paper works I had, suddenly the dim bulb sparked and I recalled back then I had a tool that helped me a lot in messy paper predicaments. I said to myself why could I forget this simple but common thing that can aid me. I then grabbed a pen and paper and made a note to myself saying “buy Binders first thing in the morning”. Yes you heard me right this simple and convenient device has aided me and helped me before in my school days with my paper problems why not now. So after I made the note I checked my email and as if faith was teasing me I got this mail from a company that was selling cheap binders. I then checked on the link and said why wait for tomorrow when I could just order now and make my life easier. The site had different kinds of binders suited for different needs. Either for school use or for office use even for managerial use you name it they have it. Also they not only cater to needs who said yo can't be fashionable at the same time as useful. They have this three ring binder that's considered as the most salable type of binder these days. So why wait for tomorrow to solve your paper clutters visit those sites and be rid of your paper dilemma.

HON item guide for DOTA users

Here's my simple guide to all newbie HON players out there who are still adjusting on the said game. This post can help you alot especially if you used to play DOTA since almost all items of HON are based on DOTA items and recipes. Just refer to the picture below and click it to enlarge.

For additional guide click on the link below.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

HON Beta keys

As what i have said on my previous entry " I DON'T HAVE ANY BETA KEYS HERE" I am just posting the website and instruction on where you can possibly get one. Please stop asking for beta keys from me coz i can't help you with that.

Just click here if you want to request for beta keys.



I just hope that my simple post can help you.

Nap mat for kids

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm sure all of us are just starting looking for a suitable gifts for their children. I just came across this website who offers daycare nap mat, towel wraps, children plate, personalized sippy cups, Ezy roller cart, stephen joseph quilted backpack and a lot more. you can visit for more information. Posy lane is one of the trusted online store with a good product and a good service. I myself wanted to purchased stephen joseph quilted backpack because it is so cute and my baby cousin will surely love it. As you can see below are 2 of my favorite design of quilted backpack

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HON: Soul Reaper

The Soul Reaper is born in the depths of Hell itself and has risen to the surface on a mission to capture the souls of Newerth. With the authority to instantly judge those he comes in contact with, even the strongest of the Legion wither when he approaches.


Attack Type=Ranged
Attack Damage=41-60
Attack Range=600
Strength per level=16
Agility per level=15
Intelligence per level=22


Judgement: The Soul Reaper instantly judges those around him, determining their fate. Enemies take damage while allies are healed.

Level 1 : Deals 75 Magic damage to enemies and heals allies for 50 in a radius of 400
Level 2 : Deals 125 Magic damage to enemies and heals allies for 75 in a radius of 450
Level 3 : Deals 200 Magic damage to enemies and heals allies for 100 in a radius of 475
Level 4 : Deals 275 Magic damage to enemies and heals allies for 130 in a radius of 500
Mana cost 12/145/165/185
Cooldown 8/7/6/5 seconds

Withering Presence: Simply being near the Soul Reaper is too much for anyone,dealing damage to anyone near him slowly.

Level 1 : Any enemies in radius are damage for .4% of their max health per second.
Level 2 : Any enemies in radius are damage for .6% of their max health per second.
Level 3 : Any enemies in radius are damage for .8% of their max health per second.
Level 4 : Any enemies in radius are damage for 1% of their max health per second.
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a

Inhuman Nature: The Soul Reaper’s Inhuman Nature lets him regain mana
when he kills anything.

Level 1 : Restores 12 Mana per kill
Level 2 : Restores 24 Mana per kill
Level 3 : Restores 36 Mana per kill
Level 4 : Restores 48 Mana per kill
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a


Demonic Execution:The Soul Reaper summons a Demonic Execution against the target, stunning and dealing damage based on how close to death they are.

Level 1 : The amount of health the target is missing is multiplied by .4 and dealth as Magic Damage. Stuns for 1.5 seconds
Level 2 : The amount of health the target is missing is multiplied by .6 and dealth as Magic Damage. Stuns for 1.5 seconds
Level 3 : The amount of health the target is missing is multiplied by .9 and dealth as Magic Damage. Stuns for 1.5 seconds
Mana Cost 175/340/500
Cooldown 100/85/70
This ability can be boosted by Staff of the Master

Monday, September 21, 2009

HON: Plague Rider

The Plague Rider has no past and no future, he simply exists. Having wandered the land spreading death without impunity he has somehow been convinced to align himself with the Hellbourne. Raining down death from above, the Rider is someone to fear on the battlefield.


Attack Type=Ranged
Attack Damage=37-56
Attack Range=550
Strength per level=1.5
Agility per level=2.0
Intelligence per level=18


Contagion: The Plague Rider instantly afflicts an enemy with a Contagion, damaging and Infecting all nearby enemies.

Level 1 : Deals 50 Magic damage to the target and an additional 75 to all enemies within 200 units
Level 2 : Deals 100 Magic damage to the target and an additional 100 to all enemies within 200 units
Level 3 : Deals 125 Magic damage to the target and an additional 125 to all enemies within 200 units
Level 4 : Deals 175 Magic damage to the target and an additional 150 to all enemies within 200 units
Mana cost 125/150/170/190
Cooldown 9.25 seconds
Infected Effects
30% Movement Slow
-20 Attack speed

Cursed Shield

Level 1 : +3 Armor. 30% Movement Slow and -20 Attack Speed to any unit that attacks hero with Cursed Shield
Level 2 : +6 Armor. 30% Movement Slow and -20 Attack Speed to any unit that attacks hero with Cursed Shield
Level 3 : +9 Armor. 30% Movement Slow and -20 Attack Speed to any unit that attacks hero with Cursed Shield
Level 4 : +12 Armor. 30% Movement Slow and -20 Attack Speed to any unit that attacks hero with Cursed Shield
Mana cost 25
Cooldown 5 seconds

Extinguish:The Plague Rider ends the life of an allied unit instantly, restoring his own mana. His mount enjoys the snack and feeds off the destruction he caused.

Level 1 : Kills target unit and converts 15% of its current life into mana
Level 2 : Kills target unit and converts 30% of its current life into mana
Level 3 : Kills target unit and converts 45% of its current life into mana
Level 4 : Kills target unit and converts 60% of its current life into mana
Mana cost 25
Cooldown 55/50/45/40 seconds


Plague Carrier: The Plague Rider lets loose a Plague Carrier towards an enemy. The Carrier deals damage to all enemies near where it lands before traveling to another nearby target. Any enemy near someone hit becomes Infected.

Level 1 : Deals 280 damage to the target, bouncing to another enemy within 600 units, bounces 7 times
Level 2 : Deals 370 damage to the target, bouncing to another enemy within 600 units, bounces 7 times
Level 3 : Deals 460 damage to the target, bouncing to another enemy within 600 units, bounces 7 times
Mana Cost 200/325/500
Cooldown 145/115/60 seconds
Infected Effects
30% Movement Slow
-20 Attack Speed

Sunday, September 20, 2009

HON released Patch 0.1.45 & 0.1.46

Sorry for a delayed update of Heroes of Newerth. But i have good news for you guys coz S2 games announced that Heroes of Newerth will be moving to the next stage of testing very soon that means Open beta will come too sooon...... really really soooooooooooooon...
Last saturday HON just released a new 2 patch 1.45 and 0.1.46 with 2 new heros Plague Rider, which based on DoTa's Lich and Soul Reaper from DoTA's Necrolyte. They also fix bug especially the SD random algorithm tweak, as well as some graphics and balance tweaks, including the remake of heroes Kraken and Scout; and changed Enhanced Marchers and Steamboots.

Plague Rider Soul Reaper

Version 0.1.46
- Fixed a few tooltips
- Fixed the towers to not be Easy Mode health in Non-Easy Mode games

- Fixed him to actually be playable

Plague Rider
- Should no longer be a teapot if you do not play on High settings
- Fixed Extinguish so it cannot target Malphas and BooBoo
- Fixed Plague Carrier to not do AoE damage on impact
- Plague Carrier should now continue to bounce in the fog

- Fixed a bug causing Marksman Shot to deal damage equal to a percentage of current health rather than maximum health
- The bonus attacks after coming out of vanish changed from 2/3/4/5 to 1/2/3/4

Soul Reaper
- Fixed Execution so it is properly boosted by Staff of the Master
- Added a popup number to Execution displaying the exact amount of damage done

Wild Soul
- Fixed so he no longer applies Wild to the entire team

Version 0.1.45
- Server stability fixes
- Buildings now have larger health bars
- Toned down several AoE effects to clean up screen clutter:
*Thunderbringer's Lightning Rod
*Jeraziah's Sol's Blessing
*Behemoth's Shockwave
*Shaman's Storm Cloud
*Valkyrie's Call of the Valkyrie
*Pebble's Stalagmites
*Nymphora's Volatile Pod
- Brighten a couple of Succubus' effects
- Tweaked turning significantly
- Fixed movement speed and magic immunity on Predasaurs
- Tweaked the height of health bars
- Fixed Enhanced Marchers effect on a few heroes
- Streak window from kills upped to 18 seconds
- FPS limit of 125 implemented (host_maxFPS to change)
- SD random algorithm tweaked
- ModNote: g_maxCameraDistance is no longer a cvar
- Collision box of heroes should now move with them when leaping or channeling

- Added Mana Battery to the Outpost
- Removed the Blessed Orb from the Outpost
- Changed Maliken's Sword Modes and Devourer's Decay to not give charges to Mana Battery or Power Supply
- Fixed Iron Shield to not block damage from Pollywog's Wards or Defiler's Ultimate
- Fixed Barrier Idol tooltip
- Barrier Idol sound is no longer deafening
- Fixed Frostwolf Skull to slow magic immune units
- Supplies shop is now at the top of the shop window
- Shieldbreaker now applies its state before damage is dealt (so the first attack deals full damage)
- Helm of the Black Legion no longer blocks damage from Spirit Ward
- Post Haste speed increased to 95
- Codex manacost reduced to 180/160/140/120/100
- Tablet of Command manacost reduced to 25 and cooldown decreased to 25
- Power Supply cost increased by 50
- Hellflower manacost reduced from 200 to 100
- Sustainer is now 125% Mana Regen
- Mana Potion is now usable on allies
- Charged Hammer no longer takes a Dancing Blade. Uses Warpcleft instead.
*Goes from 35 Damage/Agility to 24 Damage and 70 Attack speed
- Elder Parasite attack speed increased from 75 to 100, move speed increased from 15 to 20, and amplified damage increased from 20 to 30
- Barrier Idol lost its armor and gained 2 Health Regen.
*Barrier Idol can only affect a hero once every 50 seconds
- Stormspirit movement bonus increased to 25
*Now takes a Scarab instead of an Apprentice's Robe
- Sacrifical Stone Reworked
*+1 charge when a hero dies within 1000 units of you
*1 Mana Regen per charge
*Loses half charges on death
*Heals allies around you for 400+25xCharges and decreases gold loss by 25xCharges when you die
*Respawn time is reduced by 3 seconds per charge when you die
- Behemoth's Heart reworked
*2% Health Regen while out of combat. Out of combat is 10 seconds after taking enemy hero damage
*DoT damage does not count as combat damage
- Enhanced Marchers reworked
*Now takes a Gloves of the Swift instead of a Ringmail
*Goes from 16 damage, 70 movement, 5 armor to 12 damage, 60 movement, 30 attack speed
- Steamboots reworked
*Now takes a Ringmail instead of a Gloves of the Swift
*Recipe cost removed
*Goes from 65 movement, 10 str/agi/int, 30 attack speed to 75 movement, 10 str/13 agi/16 int, 5 armor
- Added Recommended item shop at the top of the shop window
*Lists recommended items that work well on the current hero

New Heroes
- Plague Rider, Hellbourne Intelligence hero based off of Lich from DotA
- Soul Reaper, Hellbourne Intelligence hero based off of Necrolyte from DotA

- Cauterize range reduced from 600 to 300

- Fixed Andromeda stun projectile speed

- Arachna's spiderling is now easier to target and select
- Web Shot will no longer trigger charges on Power Supply or Mana Battery
- Movement speed reduced by 10

- Fixed story
- Restless attack speed changed to bonus damage
*10/20/30 damage with 4/8/12 per charge

- Shockwave now deals half damage from corpses

Blood Hunter
- Base armor reduced by 2

- Time Freeze cooldown reduced to 1.5

Demented Shaman
- Changed Demented Shaman's ultimate to set charges back to 0 if refreshed on the target

- Fixed hook to disable the target while they are traveling back to him

- Static Grip now breaks Sleep

- Fixed story

- Improved Hammer Throw speed
- Fixed Hammer Throw to have a 14 second cooldown
- Base Agility increased from 16 to 21
- Renamed Battle Command - > Galvanize
*Buffed the awesome- factor of this description by 200%

Kraken Remake
- Drench
- Tsunami Charge
*Manacost lowered to 90/100/110/120
*Damage increased to 100/150/200/250
- Splash
*Moved to ability slot 1 (Q)
*Now an Attack Ability that has a 6/5/4/3 second cooldown
*Damage and splash range the same
- Whirlpool
*Changed the delay on casting Whirlpool from 6/5/4 to 4/5/6 seconds

*The whirlpool may be manually triggered to teleport early. Cannot be triggered within 2 seconds of having cast whirlpool

*Damage dealt to enemy units increased from 150/225/300 to 150/300/450

*Enemy units caught in the whirlpool at time of teleport will have a debuff applied to them for 4 seconds that reduces movement speed by 20/30/40% and armor by 2/4/6

*Cool down is now 150/135/120 (increased from 120 at all levels)
- New Ability: Tidal Pull
*Ability slot 3 (E)
*Decreases the movement speed of all enemies in a 300 radius by 7/14/21/28%

- Terrify duration reduced from 10/15/20/25 to 10/13/16/19. Total damage unchanged.

- Mana Rift AoE increased from 275 to 325
- Strength changed from 16 to 20
- Strength gain changed from 1.5 to 1.2

- Fixed textures when under the effect of Possession
- Sword throw's Maim now scales with level, slowing by 20/30/40/50% (reduced from a flat 50% at all levels)
- Life Essence no longer drains mana when attacking
- Possession's cool down is now 100/80/60 seconds, changed from 90 seconds at all levels.
- The splash damage granted by possession now scales with level:
*50/75/100% Splashed in a 75 AOE
*35/50/65% Splashed in a 200 AOE
*20/25/30% Splashed in a 350 AOE
- Maliken's flame sword modes can now be toggled without breaking channeling (such as home coming stones)

- Added a 250ms cast time to Magmus's Eruption
- Steam Bath cooldown reduced from 40/35/30/25 to 40/30/20/10

Moon Queen
- Moon Beam now has a .6 stun at all levels

- Fixed Nymphora's Call tooltip to update to the proper channeling time
- Fixed Grace of the Nymph effect to play on the target

- Chuck cooldown reduced from 15 to 10

- Fixed Pharaoh' stats, attack time, and casting point.
- Tormented Soul vision reduced to 10 seconds at all levels
- Hellfire damage reduced from 20/40/60/80 to 10/30/50/70
- Wrath of the Pharaoh is now upgraded by Staff of the Master

Pollywog Priest
- Voodoo Wards cooldown changed to 110 across all levels
- Magical Bindings now break sleep

- Attack impact point is now .39 (lowered)
- Stone Hide is now instant and cannot be purged

- Base int increased by 5, base damage reduced by 5 (thus is unchanged)

Scout Remake
- Attack impact point is now .43 (lowered)
- Increased base strength from 17 to 20
- Lowered strength gain per level from 1.9 to 1.7
- Vanish
*Now a toggle skill, with an upkeep cost of 3 mana per second

*Toggling off Vanish will initiate a 24/18/12/6 second cool down

*Attacking from Vanish will toggle it off and apply a +300 attack speed buff that lasts for 4 seconds or until 2/3/4/5 attacks are performed
- Electric Eye

*The scout may now have 2/3/4/5 Electric Eyes active. Added a counter to the skill to keep track of how many eyes are active.

*Electric Eyes now have a detonate skill, which causes them to silence targets in a 450 radius for 3/4/5/6 seconds
*Silence from Electric Eyes goes through Magic Immunity

*Added a sub- skill to Scout after learning Electric Eyes which allows him to detonate the closest Electric Eye without having to manually select it. This skill can be used while silenced and disabled.

*Cool down of Electric Eyes reduced to 30 seconds at all levels, cool down of the new detonate skill set to 10s. Detonate has a global cool down on all electric eyes.

*Vision granted by Electric Eyes reduced to 800
- Improved Dexterity
- Marksman Shot

*Channel time reduced from 3.0/2.25/1.5 to 2.25/1.75/1.25

*Cool down increased by 10 seconds at all levels (to 50/40/30 seconds)

*The damage dealt is now equal to 250 plus 10/20/30% of the target's maximum hit points

*The Wounded slow debuff now scales, from 40% at all levels to 20/30/40% movement speed slow
- New Ability: Disarm
*Ability slot 3 (E)

*Grants a 10/15/20/25% chance on attack to disarm your target for 3 seconds, preventing it from attacking
*Deals +25/50/75/100% bonus damage with the disarming attack

- Succubus' Hold mana cost increased from 100/175/250 to 200/300/400

- Base Agility decreased from 15 to 11
- Base Agility gain decreased from 1.7 to 1.2

- Call of the Valkyrie random chance to hit removed

Voodoo Jester:
- Acid Cocktail manacost changed to 110/120/130/140
- Increased the speed of the initial projectile on Acid Cocktail from 600 to 650
- Decreased the speed of the bouncing projectile on Acid Cocktail from 600 to 450
- Reworked Mojo
1. Applies Good Mojo to an allied unit, Bad Mojo to an enemy unit
* Good Mojo now heals allied units in a 340 radius around the main target for 10/20/30/40 Health per second
* Bad Mojo now damages enemy units in a 340 radius around the main target for 10/20/30/40 Magic damage per second
2. Increased mana cost of Mojo from 90,110,130,150 to 110,135,160,185
3. Mojo's cool down changed from 24 seconds to 24/21/18/15 seconds

War Beast
- War Beast's Ultimate now has no cast time

Wild Soul
- Changed significantly
*Bear now has an inventory from level 1
*Wild now affects both Wildsoul and BooBoo at the same time
*Bear form now grants Battle Cry at all levels of Bear Form
*Bear's root damage increased to 60 damage per second

Wretched Hag
- Haunt cooldown decreased to 20/17/14/11
- Sonar Scream cooldown decreased from 10 to 7

- Switched primary attribute to Agility
* Intelligence gain per level reduced from 3.0 to 1.9
* Agility gain per level increased from 1.8 to 2.7
- Lowered mana cost of Wind Control by 50 at all levels

Friday, September 18, 2009

Global Branding for Entrepreneurs

Do you often hear the saying “It's a jungle out there”, I often here this word specially if the topic is business. Well I have to admit basing with my own experience this is a fact, you never know what to expect or whats coming when you are talking about businesses. Let me share to you what I have learned through personal experience of many businessman. Business is never stable or sure thing but it is the task of a businessman to make it stable or produce positive outcomes as much possible. One of the keys of making a business successful or make positive results is to first plan every step well and make up strategy's and plans before you make any move. One of the things to consider things before starting on your business is to come up of a good name or brand of your product. It is crucial to come up with a name that has a good appeal to the people and with a catchy but firm name . I suggest that if you are interested in putting up a business and you are having some problems getting started on the first step then I guarantee Global Branding for Entrepreneurs can help you with this problem. This is a company that helps young and aspiring Entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of become successful businessmen and businesswomen. This international company helps you research and provide you the perfect name with their well known Global Branding Services. Through years of research and based on real positive results they have come up with a formula that would 100% aid you in starting your business, they have a secret called Branding Equation for Entrepreneurs that they would gladly share and aid you with that will definitely guarantee a good head start in making your way to a successful and prosperous business.

500 free Beta keys for Heroes of Newerth

Good news to all Heroes of Newerth fanatic who are looking for a BETA KEYS since the game is still on its beta phase. Gamereplays is proud to announce that they are giving 500 beta keys for you guys. All you have to do is click here and write and send a personal message titled "Beta Key Request". You should receive your beta key some time in the next 72 hrs. What are you wating for? Grab the chance now. They only give 500 beta keys for free.


I don't know if they are still giving beta keys since they only give 500 beta keys. Just follow the instruction above and please Don't ask any beta keys from me .as much as i want to help you i just can't since i don't have any beta keys. if you have some question feel free to leave comments here.
Let's hope that S2 games will open the heroes of newerth really soon since HON is still on it's beta phase

edited: October 03, 2009 8:00 pm

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Suncoast Rehabilitation Center

One of the facts in our society today is that there are a number of people who have this problem called addiction. Most people would conclude to a negative outlook when this word is mentioned. Well you can't blame them, before I was one of those people who had a similar output especially when dealing with that word. People would often say that guy or person is no good for he or she is an addict, well let me just shed some light on this topic. When dealing with the word addict it does not necessarily mean drug addiction. For addiction has a wide field or area, But amongst those the most common field would be the addiction of alcohol and drugs. People should not always conclude that those who have this problem are no good and people who waste their life, because not all of them chose to have this illness or problem. We must accept that not everyone has a perfect life or a life of a Cinderella as we all call. Others were forced to deal with this problem due to circumstances that has occurred to their life that left them no choice but to result to drugs or alcohol. Also I have this philosophy in life that no one is born perfect and I know that you would all agree to this. As a human being it is natural for us to make mistakes, but it is not a reason it should be a learning process. One should learn from it and become a better person or as we say become a learning process to become the perfect person. That is why I believe in giving a person a chance especially if one could see the sincerity and responsibility one shows for their error of ways.

As I was doing my homework upon my research I came across an article saying that the number of people having this kind of problem or illness as they call is growing by the number, but the good news is not everyone has given up on these kind of people. As a matter of fact today researchers say that all it needs for these people is a little help,support and most of all a good place for them to help them start over. And as I was browsing for more information on the topic I came across this name or a place called Suncoast Rehabilitation Center. It is often mentioned and referred to be one of the best facilities that offer help for people who have this kind of problem or illness. This center offers an environment that can assure these people a place where they can find inner peace,sanctuary and a place that can help them purge themselves of their problem or illness. They offer one of the most relaxing facilities and pleasing services in the whole world. Also Suncoast Rehabilitation Center is known for their programs that guarantee an individual positive results or as we say an outcome that one can be certainly proud of. Remember everyone has the chance to right themselves and most of all it is reasonable and understandable to make mistakes in life but that doesn't mean we should live in it forever.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Heroes of Newerth Latest patch

The developer of Heroes of Newerth just released a new patch for the close beta. It introduced a new hero Maliken, 4 new items and 4 new recipes. It fixes the spectating crash, Homecoming stone in stash exploit, Caldavar map tweaks and many more bug fixes and balance tweaks.

New Hero (Maliken)

New Items
Void Talisman,Snake Bracelet,Mana Battery,Logger's Hatchet

Tablet of Command,Power Supply,Iron Shield,Barrier Idol

The complete patch notes are as follows:
Version 0.1.44
- Fixed french translation files
- Fixed Maliken's flame sword mode

Version 0.1.43
- Added Maliken's game files

Version 0.1.42
- Fixed effects on torches
- Tweaks to the Caldavar map:
* Hellbourne secret shop trees fixed
* Hellbourne mid tower area tweaked
* Hellbourne forest changed
* Legion forest added a tree to the right side
* Fix the blockers. This will stop heroes from blinking to the edge of the map and running around.
* Move the tree on the hill near the top rune to fix the ward spot here
- Fixed a typo in the Regeneration Rune
- Kongor out-of-zone leash time set to 6.5 seconds (from 8)
* Fixes an issue causing Kongor to sometimes get stuck when trying to return to his spawn zone when the neutral-leash code gives him a return command and he didn't stay outside for the 8 seconds needed to get the unit walking buff
- Lots of targetscheme work, makes things like arachna's spiderling, slither's wards, etc immune to buffs (such as the attack damage increase from auras, life steal, etc)
* Added "Buff" and "DeBuff" effect type to a lot of things that don't use magic effect type
* Gadgets have magic immunity as well as immunity to several other things
- Forced movements break channeling
- Fixed spectator crash
- Striped down spectator interface to something a lot cleaner
- Fixed fog of war for spectators
- Added Quad Kill and Annihilation
- Added countdown start sound in the game lobby
- Added Rage Quit!
- Added hellbourne destroyed tower, legion destroyed tower, and base under attack sounds
- Added pause/unpause button on the menu screen
* 100% of the pausing team must vote yes to pause. Maximum 3 successful pauses per team per match. Pausing team can unpause at will, opposing team must wait 1 minute before they can unpause. Pause takes 5 seconds to both pause and unpause to prevent abuse
- Portal Key, Kraken's Charge, Mageblane's Flash, Hag's Flash of Darkness,Valkyrie's Leap, Zephyr's Leap, and Dark Lady's charge can no longer be used while immobilized
- Updated French string tables
- Fixed effect when someone tries to swap with you on the hero select screen
- Runes will no longer be killed by random splashing effects
- Fixed splash (Hammerstorm and Runed Axe) to not splash when attacking buildings
- Fixed Haste rune to properly give max move speed through snares
- Fix shared cooldowns on items transfered from the stash to a hero not updating (Homecoming stone, etc)
- Update the add friend button in the ingame F10 menu.
- Map pings are now played at the location of the event for the following occurences:
*Hero kills (by any hero, creeps or neutrals)
*Tower kills
*Building under attack
- The following actions can be done and not interrupt channeling
*Arachna's Webbed Shot toggle
*Electrician's Shield
*Changing Power Treads
*Shrunken Head
*Assassin Shroud
- Kill experience is only rewarded to the killing team (Neutrals can once again steal kills)
- Illusions tweaked so spells will work properly on them again
- Language tab nudged slightly to the right
- Fixed team stats on end game screen

New Hero:
- Maliken, Hellbourne Strength

- Minotaurs: Increased size slightly
- Minotaurs: Increased stomp radius to from 200 to 250 and lowered damage to from 100 to 25
- Dragons: Removed magic immunity from the smaller dragons
- Hunters: Added Magic Immunity
- Blue Ogre: Added Icy Cold Armor
- Predasaurs: Removed Magic Immunity
- Skeleton King: Added King's Grip, immobilizes targets for 1.5s

- Wards of Sight now have a 6 minute shop cooldown and only a max of 2 stacks can exist in the shop at any one time
- Order of items in the shop tweaked slightly
- Fixed Flying Courier stats. Movespeed from 300 to 350 and vision from 350 to 400
- Ability tooltips show the changes in green
- Stormspirit updated to let you cyclone yourself
- Symbol of Rage is now listed under Morph instead of Protective
- Savage Mace is now listed under Morph instead of Combative
- Geometer's Bane is now listed under Combative instead of Morph
- Bound Eye can now see wards and range increased to 1100
- Barbed Armor wow returns pure damage
- Brutalizer's stun duration changed from 1 to 1.4
- Portal Key tweaked so DoTs will now trigger the blink cooldown
- Doombringer fixed to now give the damage to the hero that holds if you kill the previous owner
- Abyssal Skull aura fixed to not affect enemy units
*Lifesteal effect fixed so it doesn't play if you're ranged
- Frostfield Plate updated
* Changed to 744 AOE for the snare and 1000 for the aura while slowing down the pulse to ~300 unit speed
- Staff of the Master updated
* Recipe change to mirror dota. Now takes 2/3 of either Mighty Blade, Quickblade, or Neophyte's Book, a Glowstone, and a recipe which costs 1100. Total cost: 4300
* Changed the tooltip of any ability that is boosted by Staff of the Master to clearly show it can be upgraded. The name of the Ability will now change to reflect the boost
- Nullfire Blade reworked
*Can now be upgraded once
*Nullfire Purge now instantly kills Summoned Units
*Charges lowered form 10 to 8
*No longer enters targetting mode if out of charges
- Geometer's Bane reworked
*Changed recipe and removed manaburn
*This item can now be disassembled in your stash.
- Puzzlebox Fixed
*Fixed Puzzlebox Mauler to properly burn 25,50,75 mana per level
*Fixed Puzzlebox Wizard to properly deal damage to the target burned proportional the amount of mana burned
- Savage Mace tweaked
*Now grants True Strike to heroes, making none of their attacks miss
- Phase Boots fixed
*Can no longer pass through fissure or mummies
- Added a "NEW" tag on items in the shops that are new this patch so they can be easily located
- Logger's Hatchet added to the Weapons Shop and Outpost. Increases hero damage against non hero units
- Snake Bracelet added to the Relics Shop. Grants 25% evasion
- Mana Battery added to the Relics Shop. Gains a charge when enemies cast a spell, can consume charges to restore health and mana
- Power Supply added to the Initiation Shop. Gains a charge when enemies cast a spell, can consume charges to restore health and mana
- Tablet of Command added to the Supportive Shop. Pushes target hero forward 500 units.
- Void Talisman added to the Relics Shop. Makes a hero immune to physical attacks and take bonus magic damage when used
- Iron Shield added to the Protective shop. Smaller upgrade to the Iron Buckler
- Barrier Idol added to the Supportive Shop. Places a shield on all allies within 500 units that absorbs 400 magic damage

- Flame Consumption is now boosted by Staff of the Master

- Tooltip added to her aura
- New story description
- Model scaled down by ~10%
- Applied a Disjoint to Swap so projectiles will not follow a swapped target
- Added a few seconds of sight to Aurora

- Fixed Spider Sting to not drop target if the target becomes Invulnerable for a fraction of a second
- Changed her attack action time from 300ms to 400ms
- Harden Carapace now lasts 6 seconds at all levels

- New story description

- Increased Shockwave's initial damage slightly
- Cleaned up running animation

- Fixed Chronofield not stopping Invulnerable units or Towers
- Chronofield is now boosted by Staff of the Master
- Time Freeze will now go through Magic Immunity
- Time Freeze now deals magic damage, not physical

Demented Shaman:
- Storm Cloud is now boosted by Staff of the Master
- Reworked Arcane Hide, it now also reduces damage from abilities (details below)

- Devour is now boosted by Staff of the Master
- Added a delay to the "You're MINE!" yell so players can cancel the animation before the sound goes off
- Lowered the projectile grab hit box by 10
- Lowered the casting range on hook so the actual projectile extends past the 'click point' properly
*Cast range will say 900, but hook itself will travel 1000 units still

- Now fights for the Legion
- Changed the aura values to 0.5/1/1.5/2
- Remade Tundra Blast
* Removed target requirement, added larger AOE, changed to static damage across the AOE, slow increased by 1 second, manacost changed

- Remade Hammer Throw
* Range increased, damage increased, added AOE to the stun, and the stun will still stun enemies where it 'hits' even if the first target blinks away
- Removed aura
- Added new ability and animation that on use gives armor and movement speed to units near Hammerstorm
- Fixed attack animation timing

- so, apparently jeraziah was mispelled the whole time :) JerAziah with an A, not an e. fixed

Keeper of the Forest:
- Fixed the tree check on Camouflage to properly check the target, not the Keeper

- Whirlpool will no longer teleport gadgets (such as wards)

- Removed Range:500 from the Taunt tooltip. It did nothing and was confusing seeing as the range is 300.
- He can now properly spin while stunned, hexxed, or any other status effect

- Changed attack impact time from 0.6 seconds to 0.3 seconds
- Manacombustion now combusts 16/32/48/64 mana, from 13/25/34/51. Damage dealt per mana burned increased to 0.8 (from 0.75)

- Fixed an issue with Eruption
- Eruption is now boosted by Staff of the Master
- Fixed Volcanic Touch to assign the blowup damage to Magmus
- Lower the "in-air" state of magmus's ult to 450 ms from 500 ms so that the stun starts on the frame that the targets land

Moon Queen:
- Updated Moon Finale to have a static 160s cooldown

Night Hound:
- Corrected casting point on Cloud to be 400ms instead of 500ms

- Reworked Grace of the Nymph. This ability now restores 75,150,225,300 mana to the target.
- Staff of the Master now grants her a new ability: Nymph's Call

- Ophelia's Touch is now boosted by Staff of the Master

- Fix to Chuck so units cannot blink or leap out of it while in midair

- Changed Swarm to be able to be cast on Magic Immune targets
- Gore will now go through Magic Immunity
- Gore's bonus damage increased to 40/50/60/70, from 25 at all levels
- Updated the Gore tooltip to be more accurate

Pollywog Priest:
- Morph duration reduced from 1/2/3/4 to 1.25/2/2.75/3.5 seconds
- Modified Voodoo Wards
* The number of wards with level 4 ultimate is now 11 and the placement of the wards was fixed
- Fixed attack animation timing
- Reworked Electric Jolt to deal damage in a cone. This allows the damage spread to be less localized to the main target
- Voodoo Wards's attack is no longer blocked by deflection (such as helm of the black legion)

- Venomous Leap can now be used on Magic Immune units (The predator will leap but neither the damage nor snare are applied)
- Lowered cast action time on Terror to 0 seconds
- Lowered cool down on Terror to 120 seconds from 150
- Terror's reactive buff will no longer apply to gadgets (such as wards)

- Remade Fervor
* Now gives passive casting speed all the time and attack/movement speed after casting a spell for 5 seconds
- Ultimate with Staff of the Master damage reduced by 100

- Placing an Electric Eye will no longer break Vanish's stealth
- Each Electric Eye now has an ability to allow you to destroy it. This allows the scout to choose which Electric Eye is destroyed before placing a new one.

- Fixed ultimate to not slide around with him

- Increased his turn rate from 320 to 400
- Default hotkeys now changed to Q W E over D F G

- Changed Succubus' Hold to be able to target Magic Immune targets (targets still lose the mana, just take no damage)
- Magic Immune targets are no longer put to sleep if they attack a slept target
- Allies can now attack each other to break the sleep (and transfer it to themselves)

- Attack animation is now disabled during Swift Slashes
*This smooths out the animation, he still attacks between hits
- Items can now be used during Swift Slashes
- Swift Slashes is now boosted by Staff of the Master
- Counter-attack now works against ranged heroes

- Stun duration from Glacial Blasts changed from .6 to 1 second
- Reworked Elementals so that they will only split once, allowing a maximum of 6 elementals

- Corrected casting point on abilities from 300ms to 400ms.
- Fixed attack animation timing and projectile speed

- Fixed Call of the Valkyrie to no longer hit invisible enemies
- Tweaked Javelin to stun for the correct amount at the correct distance (Fixing a typo)
- No longer can use items while Leaping

War Beast
- Changed Metamorphosis to always give max move speed

- Fixed Wind Control
* Should now properly slow enemies
- Fixed Melee Evasion Tooltip

New Arcande Hide:
Applies Arcane Hide to target for 15 seconds with 5 charges. Each time target is damaged by a Hero, Tower, or Boss, 1 charge is removed. Damage over time effects are not reduced and do not remove charges.
Arcane Hide is removed when no charges remain or after 400 damage has been absorbed.

Arcane Hide Effects:
Reduces incoming non-DOT damage from Heroes, Towers, or Bosses by 50%

Maliken (Heroes of Newerth)

A new patch has released and with it came a new hero named Maliken. It was named after an S2 games developer fights for the Hellbourne. He plays the role of a carry/initiator, with spells reminiscent of Puck and Terrorblade from Dota.


Attack Type=Melee/Ranged
Attack Damage=44-50
Attack Range=125
Strength per level=2.4
Agility per l
Intelligence p
er level=1.7


Sword Throw
Maliken throws his sword, damaging enemies it hits.
Maliken may teleport to his sword while it is in flight.

Level 1 : Throws sword in target direction, damaging enemies in the radius for 80 Magic Damage , and Maiming them. 700 Range
Level 2 : Throws sword in target direction, damaging enemies in the radius for 140 Magic Damage , and Maiming them. 700 Range
Level 3 : Throws sword in target direction, damaging enemies in the radius for 200 Magic Damage , and Maiming them. 700 Range
Level 4 : Throws sword in target direction, damaging enemies in the radius for 260 Magic Damage , and Maiming them. 700 Range Mana cost 110
Cooldown 13 second
Maimed effects

50% Movement speed slow, gradually wears
off over 6 seconds.

Sword of the Damned

Maliken's legendary weapon, the sword of the Damned,
is capable of two different attack modes:
Enchanted Flames grants him increased damage at the cost of his own life,
while Life essence grant him very high life steal at the cost of reduction

Enchanted Flames
Toggles on Enchanted Flames, de-toggles Life Essence.Level 1 : +10 Damage. Deals 5 True damage to self on attack.Level 2 : +20 Damage. Deals 10 True damage to self on attack.Level 3 : +30 Damage. Deals 15 True damage to self on attack.Level 4 : +40 Damage. Deals 20 True damage to self on attack.Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a
Will not cause health to go below 15%

Sword Throw Modifications:
Causes Sword Throw to deal +40 /50/60/70 extra Magic damage per target.
Using Sword Throw will deal 25/30/35/40 True damage to self.

Life Essence

Toggles on Life Essence, de-toggles Enchanted Flames.
Level 1 : -10 Damage. Heals self for 10 per attack
Level 2 : -20 Damage. Heals self for 20 per attack
Level 3 : -30 Damage. Heals self for 30 per attack
Level 4 : -40 Damage. Heals self for 40 per attack
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a
Sword Throw Modifications:
Reduces damage dealt by Sword Throw by 40%
Causes Sword Throw to heal self for 10/20/30/40 per target. Will not heal for
more than 300 total Health

Hellbourne Zeal
Maliken allows his wounds to fuel his rage,
increasing his chance to critically strike foes
based on how much health he is missing.

Level 1 : Passive Bonuses x% chance for 1.2x Critical Strike
Level 2 : Passive Bonuses x% chance for 1.4x Critical Strike
Level 3 : Passive Bonuses x% chance for 1.6x Critical Strike
Level 4 : Passive Bonuses x% chance for 1.8x Critical Strike
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a
Chance to critically strike an opponent increased by 0.75% for every 1% of
Health missing


Maliken allows himself to become possessed,
transforming him into a full daemon temporarily.
While in this form, Maliken’s attack becomes ranged
and he attacks faster.

Level 1 : Applies Possessed to self for 30 seconds. Applies Feared to enemy heroes in a 400 radius for 0.75 seconds
Level 2 : Applies Possessed to self for 30 seconds. Applies Feared to enemy heroes in a 400 radius for 1.25 seconds
Level 3 : Applies Possessed to self for 30 seconds. Applies Feared to enemy heroes in a 400 radius for 2 seconds
Mana Cost 100
Cooldown 90 seconds
Possessed Effects
Attack type change to Ranged with a range of 600
Attack Cool Down reduced to 1.4 seconds from 1.7.

Attacks Splash to nearby units
50% Splash in a 75 AOE
35% Splash in 200 AOE
20% Splash in a 350 AOE

+40% Movement Speed
Unit walking
Lose character control, running around in fear

Friday, September 11, 2009

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9/11 attack

Do you still remember the significance of 9/11 is?

Well, it is exactly 8 years since the terrible terrorist attack happened in New York that killed 2,993 people. I just want to paid tribute to the victims of the attack, hopefully people will continue on praying on their souls.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

i'm beautiful :D

Your Theme Song is Beautiful Day by U2

"Sky falls, you feel like

It's a beautiful day

Don't let it get away"

You see the beauty in life, especially in ordinary everyday moments.

And if you're feeling down, even that seems a little beautiful too.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Writers wanna be ?

Heroes of Newerth is looking for a talented and creative writers who are willing to write an article about HON, and will update and help improve the HON forum . Applicants should be an English literate and knowledgeable about the said game. click here for more information on how to apply. If you have any questions regarding the offer don't hesitate to leave comments or message here..


Saturday, September 05, 2009

Heroes of Newerth Official Trailer

S2Games finally released by TBA the official Trailer of their latest game "Heroes of Newerth. i got the chance to watch the said trailer and i must say it was a one of a kind trailer that you should watch and you should play. again, Heroes of Newerth is still on its beta phase. Let's hope that S2Games will open the game very very soon.

Friday, September 04, 2009


Erupting from an accidental dimensional rift Tempest created, Andromeda was curious about the new world she was brought into. After learning of the fight between the Legion and Hellbourne, she was convinced by Tempest to help them fight. Her presence is enough to empower her allies while she effortlessly bends the rules of time and space on the battlefield.


Attack Type=Ranged
Attack Damage=39-53
Attack Range=400
Strength per level=2.3
Agility per level=2.3
Intelligence per level=1.8


Comet : Andromeda rips a comet from her dimension to hurl at an enemy, damaging and stunning them.

Level 1 : Deals 100 damage and stuns enemies for 1.75 seconds
Level 2 : Deals 175 damage and stuns enemies for 1.75 seconds
Level 3 : Deals 250 damage and stuns enemies for 1.75 seconds
Level 4 : Deals 325 damage and stuns enemies for 1.75 seconds
Mana cost 95/110/125/140
Cooldown 10 seconds

Aurora: Andromeda shakes the magnetic field of Newerth,causing an Aurora to erupt, damage, and reduce the armor of all enemies in front of her.

Level 1 : Deals 25 damage to targets in a line, applies -5% Base damage and -2 Armor.
Level 2 : Deals 50 damage to targets in a line, applies -10% Base damage and -3 Armor.
Level 3 : Deals 75 damage to targets in a line, applies -15% Base damage and -4 Armor.
Level 4 : Deals 100 damage to targets in a line, applies -20% Base damage and -5 Armor.
Mana cost 40
Cooldown 15 seconds

Dimension Link: Andromeda’s link to her home dimension bestows power to nearby allies, allowing them to do more damage with attacks.

Level 1 : +12 % Base damage aura
Level 2 : +20 % Base damage aura
Level 3 : +28 % Base damage aura
Level 4 : +36 % Base damage aura
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a

Void Rip: Andromeda pauses time and space, instantly switching places with another hero

Level 1 : Instantly swaps position with targeted hero. 600 Range
Level 2 : Instantly swaps position with targeted hero. 900 Range
Level 3 : Instantly swaps position with targeted hero. 1200 Range
Mana Cost 100/150/200
Cooldown 45 seconds

skyride! a hell of an experience!!! LOL

Eden Nature Park and Resort recently added a new tourist attraction called the skyride or also known as Zip line. it was a hell of a ride, at first look it was as scary as hell but after the fear and emotions subside i realized it was a hell of a ride that i would like to redo.
The Skyrider is a set of 200-meter long steel cables suspended roughly 20 meters in the air between two steel towers, on which you glide along suspended while enjoying the spectacular view of Davao City and the Davao Gulf.