Tuesday, December 09, 2008


so pissed off! because of my busy schedules i seldomly checked my blog and the result is ? from PR 2 it became a question mark... i'm so depressed again :( ... it took me about almost 2 months to boost my PR rank and yet it just crushed just like that. i'm really really sad. i was really hoping that before the end of the year i'll be PR 3. sorry chenee! too much expectation will hurt you. i'm starting to loose hope on this blog and blogging. hope you people will understand me why i felt this way. blogging is my life. maybe to some it's not a big deal. yeah! it's not really a big deal. i can reach that PR again right? it's just a PR... but the reason why i'm fretting because i expect too much... :(
anyways... better move on... there's a lot of things to than seating here in front of my pc.. need to get my aS$ of here coz i'm late again for school..

Ja ne`

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