Sunday, March 14, 2010

Are you this addicted to milk? LMAO

While doing my work, I came across this blog site of a mother who is worried and troubled regarding her daughter's craving. Here's the letter she made for her daughter.

Dear Daughter,

Im thinking of staging an intervention for you. I believe you have a problem. Your addiction to milk has gotten way out of hand. At first I thought it was a good thing. I personally do not care for milk and never drink it. I was happy that you took to milk so well because of the benefits of it. However, I think you took to it too well. I’m thinking you are an addict now and want you to seek help. I suppose the signs were there all along; you would get very angry if we ran out, you asked for it at every meal, it was the first thing you wanted in the morning and the last think you wanted at night, and you would be irritable if I resisted your demands for ANOTHER glass. The real eye opener was the other day after we bought a gallon at the store. You asked to hold it in your carseat. I thought it was weird, but you are two and two year olds do weird things all the time. When we got out onto the road, I heard a kissing sound. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw you kissing and hugging your milk. You even said, “Love you milk!” I had no idea that your obsession had gone that far. I realized then that my daughter had joined the millions with addiction problems. I blame myself for this just so you know. I wasnt able to nurse because of the seizure medications I am on. Because of this, I think you turned to milk to comfort you. Maybe I shouldnt have listened to the doctor. Maybe I should have nursed you anyway. If I had, we wouldnt be in this predicament now. Im sorry that I caused you so much pain that you had to resort to milk. Im calling the Intervention Show tomorrow.


I honestly don't know how to react but I find this post entertaining regardless of the mother's worries. Can't help but laugh fter reading her entry a couple of times. ha ha ha :) :) :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Terms and Condition


- Buyers are advised to look very carefully at the apparels' picture before ordering. If not sure about the fabric/product, you may ask the seller thru pm with a link to the picture

- All items are mid-range magazine apparels that are manufactured following the designs and fabrics of the pictures taken from top Japanese magazines. Please note that the brand logo or name on the pictures are the reference only.


-If you want to reserve something , You should be 100% sure you'll purchase the item/s.

- Once an ORDER FORM is sent, the items is considered SOLD.- NO changing or cancelling of orders once the order form is submitted. It would get messed up if you keep on changing. Otherwise you will be posted as BOGUS BUYERS!. from this site and to other sites.- NO Return NO exchange.


- I will be updating soon for other ways of transaction but for the meantime I only accept payments through Union bank, LBC, Western Union and Paypal.Other details will be sent through PM. Payments should be settled on or before cutoff or else your order is considered as CANCELED or your order/s will be processed on the next ordering batch (PM, text or e-mail me if there are any problems.) - All extra charges for other payment methods will shouldered by the buyer.


If the product is OUT OF STOCK I will immediately inform you


-Buyer shall be liable to their own losses and shall not claim the seller in any dispute arising to any issues on all aspects of apparels materials, fabric, measurements, color differences or any delay in delivery.

- We are not responsible for delayed PRE-ORDERS since all items are exported from other countries and sometimes the shipping companies encounters technical problems. But we can assure you that all items will be delivered.


- Meet ups are also allowed depending on schedules.


or you can visit Ordips Cafe located at Door 2 Ong Building Tiongko Ave. Davao City

- When items arrive, balance must be settled first before we hand over the items. If balance is not yet fully paid withing 1 month ( from the day the items arrived), the buyer will be posted on the bogus album + 50% downpayment will not be refunded and be considered as damage fee.


THANK YOU and ENJOY SHOPPING at DavaoFashions.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Woman's day!

We are celebrating the Woman's month and as a tribute here list of things every woman should do that i found while doing work.

Learn self defense. The few hours you take to learn it can save your life. I've seen short women take down guys over 6 feet tall who underestimated them because of size. Size doesn't matter, it's where you hit. I recommend Just yell fire. You can download it FREE or request DVDs. It's less than an hour but it's very useful. Even though it's geared towards young girls, the lessons are useful for all women. Here's the link:

Get involved with politics. I couldn't care less what party you join but educate yourself & get involved. I've followed politics since I was a kid since we had to do current events projects a lot. In fact, the first political race I followed was Mario Cuomo going against George Pataki for NY Governor in 1994 when I was 8 for class. I'm glad because SO much affects women these days & so many aren't informed. When I mean politics, I mean every branch. From your City Manager to the President of the United States. What happens at the very bottom goes up to the top & you need to be kept informed. If you want to better things, get involved. I never heard of whining winning anything. Trust me, the people who bitch the most after elections about things are the ones who never voted.

Know your rights. There are many places & employers that try to intimidate women saying the job will think they're whining or they deny you privileges. I had one job where a guy hurt himself & they found him work to do with no trouble. I had a paper trail 2 months long, prescriptions as proof I couldn't work & they've SEEN me in the middle of asthma attacks, yet they tried to say I didn't qualify for medical leave. Once I went overhead with my letters, they were singing a new song.

Learn how to fix little things for yourself. It's not secret some businesses will charge women extra for some things because they think we don't know anything. I've seen my mother curse out huge, muscular mechanics or business owners for trying to cheat us out of money thinking we didn't know what issues we had. It was (and sometimes still is...) embarrassing as a kid but now that I'm older, I'm glad. Not saying you need to curse people out but it's good to keep on top of things. Even if you don't know how to fix it, we will know where to get it done without being cheated. And check Kelly Blue Book before reselling a car. People will try to underbuy. Changing your oil or tire isn't always easy, but shelling out $30 per service adds up over time. It also helps to do research before calling for services. If they try to up the charge for the same EXACT service, leave...then call the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or whatever business reporting agency your country has.

Break stereotypes. It only takes one to make someone think all women aren't bad. I've seen girls try to be "independent women" with backwards feminism & they make us all look bitchy. So if a guy holds a door for you or offers to help carry something, say thank you, even if you don't accept the help.

Do it yourself. Don't rely on anyone to help. I'm not meaning this as no one will ever help you, but it's not worth keeping your life on hold waiting for others. Learn to exist as one person. I hate when girls get so dependent on men/friends for money, affection or gifts that they can't function on their own & end up using men or others to get what they want/need. My mom told me from the beginning the only person you can trust 100% is yourself & you cant be dependent on people. I've had people my age laugh at me because I go to sit down places to eat by myself (what, I'm supposed to starve because I'm alone?), go shopping or the movies. Yeah it's fun with friends but if I have no one to go with, I'll go alone with no shame. For one thing, it's not good to be so clingy because that too alienates people.

Don't be scared of the GYN (aka: the girlie doctor). They're there to HELP you, not judge you. I've heard so many stupid stories about not going because it's embarrassing, they're "too young", it's uncomfortable, blah blah. It's ONCE a year, unless you're sick, high risk or pregnant. I don't like it either but I'd rather the few moments of discomfort than to not know then, God Forbid, there's a problem that could have been caught early. Trust me, I had to go for cyst issues but I'm so glad I went because even though they weren't cancerous, they HURT & affected my ability to work & function. I was lucky, those who choose not to go may not be. Age isn't a factor anymore. Jade Goody was 27 when she died from cervical cancer & it's making doctors screen even earlier.

Learn to drive. Even if you have someone with you 24/7 to take you wherever, or you live by the train/bus, you should learn because you never know when you may have to get behind the wheel. Plus, the longer you've been driving, the cheaper your insurance will be. New drivers are always pay a little extra because of the possibility of accidents. Pretty much until you're 25, you're a high risk but learn as soon as you can. It gets easier & you'll feel more independent.

Learn something NEW! It just keeps life fun. You dont even have to spend money to do it if you don't want to. I just looked up computer codes in high school to learn how to do up my social sites & I have people messaging me like crazy to help them. They think it's confusing but it's second nature to me on some things. Plus I met quite a few people doing this. Then when that got boring, I started beta reading (which is proofreading someone's writing to correct mistakes & offer suggestions). There's free stuff/low cost activities to do in communities too. I'm taking a $25 six week course on City Services. I've met the police, city manager, city clerks, toured our brand new fire house & next week I go to public works!

Be assertive. It can/will save your life. So many doctors write off women as worries but who knows your body better than you? YOU live in it! If they won't listen, get a second opinion, even if the doctor "gets mad". They may have a bruised ego but you will still be alive & seeking better medical care. Same goes with legal issues. Do you know how many women end up dead because their police force or judges refuse to believe them?

Love yourself. I think this is the most important thing on my list. How can you love someone else or have them love you if you don't love yourself. You are priceless & deserve good things in life, don't ever let someone tell you different!!

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Heroes of newerth soon update

It's been a while since i posted heroes of newerth updates. Just hang in there because they are scheduled to release a new patch which features a new hero and an update on pollywog priest. As soon as the update release I will post here the changes and modification.
To those who are still asking for BETA KEYS, I Apologize but the open registration is still close. As soon as they will re- open I will announce it here.



Seems like Blogging industry is also suffering from recession. Ever since 2010 started, I seldomly received task from those blog to pay sites i registered compared to how much i earned last few years being a blogger. Anyways, I'm planning to publish another blog on wordpress since my work is related to wordpress but honestly I would prefer blogger/blogspot. till here my dear readers. I'm about to play HON :).