Monday, December 22, 2008

cough this christmas

damn, been coughing my ass since Misa de Galo or 9 morning started. it's our country's tradition where Filipino's wakes up early in the morning starting December 16 to attend a mass that will start exactly 4:30 in the morning for 9 straight days until December 24. it said that if you were able to complete that 9 days. your wish will come true. I'm one of those million people who woke up early just to attend the mass but i'm not affter the wish though.
2 days from now and it's finally christmas yet i haven't start chrstmas shopping.i keep on telling my hubby that i really hate christmas rush because there are lots of people in the mall but i have no choice.. need to buy gift for my family, my friends, and my god childerens and this cough annoys me. i'm not feeling well lately, i actually have a fever for 4 days now.though i'm feeling a bit better now.
anyways, i love christmas so much... every year specialy when september arrives... i keep telling people that i can't wait for christmas. I love the blow of the wind that kiss my skin, the freshness of the air that relax me every time i breath, i love watching colorfull christmas lights in every houses that i passed by, i love hearing children caroling and i love the feeling of being carefree.
Christmas is really around the corner and i'm hell excited.

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