Friday, October 31, 2008

Mamma Mia!

whoah! i just finished watching the movie mamma mia.. unfortunately i just watched it in the moviesisters since i didn't get a chance to watched it in theater. the story is all about the girl named sophie who accidentally read her mother's diary and finds out that she has 3 potential father. in her wedding she invited the 3 men hoping to find out his real dad. She hides them from her mother and makes them promise not to reveal she invited them to the wedding.
Meanwhile while her mother named donna making repairs on their hotel, she accidentally discover the 3 men and panics. She asked the 3 men to leave the island. When sophie finds out that the 3 men was about to leave she forced them to stay for the wedding and listen to their memories of her mother. During the night at the party. each men talked to sophie and concluded that they could be her father and that they will give her away at the wedding. The following day her mother and Sam (one of the 3 potential father) talked but increasingly frustrated with each other. She confesssed to her future husband what she has done, and he becomes unsure about their coming wedding, feeling sidelined by her ‘fathers’. A distressed Sophie asks her mother if she will help her dress for the wedding (instead of her bridesmaids) and her mom agrees, thrilled. Donna reminisces about precious times to get her now grown-up daughter. En route, her mother rebuffs sam as she is still deeply hurt that he left her and offers him to sing with her because he was engaged to another woman. She then runs away to her daughter’s wedding on the hilltop. During the ceremony her mom reveals that her fathers although she doesn't know who is present and realized that sophie invited them. The three men declare they are all thrilled to be Sophie’s potential father, and will gladly be ‘a third of a father each’. Sophie cancels the wedding, to Sky’s delight, so that they can go traveling together instead, as they still feel too young to settle down. Making the most of the surroundings, Sam declares he is still in love with Donna, and proposes, explaining that after leaving her 20 years ago, he went to England to break off his engagement, but returned to Kalokairi to be told she was away dating another man. He went home and got married anyway, but he is now divorced. Donna eventually says yes after learning the truth.

so that is it.. my short summary of the movie.. i'm not really that good narrator but i'm hoping that you get the story. The movie is musical, you can see all the characters are singing and dancing. actually almost all the songs that were played in the movie was songs of abba ...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

i learn to understand myself

I woke up at such an unearthly hour, not understanding why I woke up so. But I guess there is too much in my life for me to be sleeping in any peace at all. But nevertheless, an offer to have a personal blog came in now. then i realized it feels good to really have a blog so i can write everything that running wild on my mind.

For today I remind myself to stop showing off what I have. I hate shown offs. But helplessly I tell people what I have done, bought and achieve. Why don’t I keep my mouth shut about somethings which just bore people, because it can only arouse me but no one else.

But I can’t help it, and I reflect upon my own actions daily. Then it struck me…Its because I have what I have today mainly as I stand on my own feet and rely on no one else. I have it despite being burden with my responsibilities in my life. But I am glad I have not stepped on anyone’s toes yet with my irritating self told stories. I hate myself when I do it, but it gives me closure to tell people that something good has happen to me in my wretched life. Please forgive me for giving myself this little relief. It keeps me sane from time to time.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Out of reach

i'm currently listening to Gabrielle's out of reach. it's one of my favorite old song that i keep on singing. i used to sing it for myself since i can relate to it. but that was before. i just want to share it with you...

Out Of Reach

Knew the signs
Wasn't right
I was stupid for a while
Swept away by you
And now I feel like a fool
So confused,
My heart's bruised
Was I ever loved by you?

Out of reach, so far
I never had your heart
Out of reach,
Couldn't see
We were never
Meant to be

Catch myself
From despair
I could drown
If I stay here
Keeping busy everyday
I know I will be OK.

But I was
So confused,
My heart's bruised
Was I ever loved by you?

♥ chorus ♥

So much hurt,
So much pain
Takes a while
To regain
What is lost inside
And I hope that in time,
You'll be out of my mind
And I'll be over you

But now I'm
So confused,
My heart's bruised
Was I ever loved by you?

♥ chorus ♥

Out of reach,
so far
You never gave your heart
In my reach, I can see
There's a life out there
For me

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

adult-onset asthma

When asthma first develop after age of 20, women are much likely to be affected then men are. In fact, 75 % of adult hospitalized for asthma treatment are women; women also remain hospitalized for asthma than do men of the same age group.
The fact women are prone to asthma suggests that female sex hormone play a role. Data from Harvard's ongoing Nurses Health Study, which has followed 121,700 female registered nurses since 1976, found that postmenopausal women who took estrogen as hormone replacement for 10 years or longer were 50 percent more likely develop asthma than were women who never used estrogen.
New research also shown that women with asthma are more likely to have a severe asthma attack immediately before or during their menstruation period. A study at Medical College of Pennsylvania found that twice as many women sought emergency asthma treatment during onset of their period or the first day of their menstruation, compared with the middle of their menstrual cycle. The fewer number of women sought treatment toward the end of their period. Some researcher believe that adult-onset attack are associated with the sharp drop in level of estradiol, a type of estrogen that occurs in the days before menstruation. another possible explanation is the biological stress associated with premenstrual syndrome
Although less common than asthma on children, Adult-onset asthma also can be triggered by allergies. between 30 and 50 percent of all adults with asthma have some allergies, but often allergic exposures don't seem to be most important driving factor.This non-allergic adult-onset is sometimes called "intrinsic". In men occupational exposure to chemical and organic dust is responsible for estimated 15 percent of asthma cases. Unfortunately,these cases may be misdiagnosed as chronic bronchitis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is not treated properly.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kaba modern

a friend of mine send me a link of a video from youtube while chatting to him a while ago. the name of the video was so familiar to me since i heard it somewhere. i think it's the same person who send me the link was the person who told me about them. i'm talking about KABA MODERN here. it's a street dance group established in 1992 by a group of "kababayan" which means countrymen in tagalog. they started at University of California in Irvine, originally to perform at their Philippine Culture night. from there, they started joining contest. So far they are starting to make some noise in hip hop and dancing world. wish them all the best coz i love their group, i love their choreography and i like their style not because i'm also a kababayan but as a dancer. I'm hell proud of you kababayan~

you rocks!!

Ja Ne~

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I feel like I’m sometimes just thrown into a tornado of things. You’ll never know what you’ll bump into in that chaotic whirl.


Today, was a day full of it. Not necessarily a pleasantly surprising one although I did find a thing or two to smile about.

Sometimes, you just get this gut feel about certain things, certain people, certain events. It’s the kind of feeling that you can’t simply ignore because it kind of nags you. It’s the feeling that something is out of place, or doesn’t seem right. I’ve have a lot of those and I’ve learned to heed that gut feeling, intuition, I have. And I think it helps you deal when some things just don’t turn out the way you idealized them to be. I don’t really want to be concrete about it all, it’s just too complicated, messy, even.

What I’m trying to say is, I used to think things didn’t turn out right because of my actions, because of me, but as I’ve learned, I can’t control everthing and everyone and there’s always the probability of change. The capacity and capability of time, of choice, or circumstance, to completely take you aback. And it isn’t your fault. And maybe we have all these defense mechanisms lined up to be our fallback in the event of the unpredictable. We were designed to be sure of uncertainty.

Life just has this damn habit of throwing things at you sometimes bonking you on the head. A wake up call, perhaps?

I enjoy how things no matter how unpredictable still turn out quite favorable in the end. Things just sometimes balance themselves out.It can be thrilling, actually.

Just learn to pick yourself up when you stumble along the way.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Make it Happen

at last! for almost 1 week of craving to watched this movie we decided to watched it last Wednesday since it's the last day that the movie will be seen in theater. The Film is average watchable dance drama . The story started when Mary Elizabeth Winstead who played as Lauryn dreams of attending a prestigious school in Chicago. Unfortunately when she arrive in Chicago she failed the audition because of her hoodie-clad dance routine. luckily she met Dana played by Tessa Thompson who gets her a book keeping job in Ruby's.

as my review the movie is great. i mean it's not boring maybe because i love dancing or what. i really love the movie. the story is not that cheezy. it didn't focused more on the love story but the story of the girl and her dreams. i like the love story as well coz it feels like they were teenagers. ha ha ha. plus the guy is so cute. i like it every time she porform coz he choreograph is so nice.
we actually watched it for 2 times..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Business Loan

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Debt Consolidation

What is debt consolidation?

I’ve been asking that to myself for a couple of times but thanks to the internet and news paper because they let me understand more the meaning of it. Debt consolidation does not mean the taking on of a new loan – it means organizing the debts into a manageable entity. The first thing the debt consolidation agency will do is to contact the lender and find out ways for negotiating the loan by arranging for a new affordable agreement.

Debt consolidation can put a brake to foreclosures if the right action is taken at the right moment and decision is not kept being postponed waiting for some magic to work. Foreclosures can be defeated – if the borrowers so chooses. Having a foreclosure against your home is one of the most serious financial actions that can be taken, and certainly is among the most devastating for individuals. In a foreclosure, a person’s home is repossessed or sold because the homeowner has not satisfied due payments to the lender. A person facing foreclosure inherently is facing many obstacles after the fact, as well. Most notably, the person will be without a home, will have a heavily damaged credit report , and may very well still be having trouble with debts owed.

For preventing foreclosure to happen better consolidate your debt before it’s too late because we can’t foresee the future. Debt Consolidation is not that negative as what other people may think. It’s not really that bad after all. As what I have said before it can really help you a lot. It is the easiest way to find low cost solution to eliminate your unsecured debt. Through searching the internet you can find one of the best agencies who are willing to help you consolidate your debt, that can give you free credit report and that could work out a viable affordable formula for both sides to be happy

Friday, October 10, 2008

Problems of teenagers

Teenagers are far more prone to problems than anyone else. There are many reasons as to why teenagers experience dozens of problems. I think the reason behind this is change. Teenagers are at the point of their lives wherein they say goodbye to their childhood and enter the stage of adulthood. It is at this point of their lives that they develop physically, mentally and emotionally. That is why teenagers often find themselves having a hard time with everything because they are still at the developmental stage of their lives.

It is only normal for teenagers to encounter many problems. The only wrong thing that teenagers do is to resort to immoral acts like smoking cigarettes, using drugs and engaging in pre-marital sex as solutions for their problems. I don’t really think that teenagers should indulge themselves in these things. There are many other better ways as to how they can solve their problems.

Take my cousin, for example. My cousin grew up with a broken family. His mother left him at an early age, his father was a lazy drunkard and his older siblings were rebels who ran away from them. My cousin wasn’t able to go to school because his father, the only person he was left with, wasted all their money on gambling and drinking. Despite the hard situation that my cousin was experiencing, he still had a positive outlook in life. He believed that he should work as hard as he could so that all his work would pay off in the end. Time came that his uncle adopted him and took him away from his father. They raised him and sent him to school and now he’s having a successful life.

All of these happened without him engaging in immoral acts. That is why I believe that teenagers shouldn’t resort to any dangerous activities when they’re experiencing problems. They just need to understand that life is like working with math: there’s always a solution to every problem. We just need to use the proper means as to get those solutions.

Monday, October 06, 2008

“The People I’ve Come to Love and Hate” (Classification - The Kinds of Friends)

In life, there are many different kinds of people. After all, what’s life without variety? Of course, the people who you call friends also fall into different categories. There are some kinds friends who I like being around with, some who I hate, and some who I don’t give a thing or two about.

First of all, there are those friends who I call the ‘leechers’. They’re the friends who call you their friends whenever they want something from you for their personal gain. These things include your money for buying food and stuff for themselves, your homework for whenever they need ‘help’, or even your presence for when they want someone to take the blame and you end up being the scapegoat. I hate leechers… They’re the lowest kind of friends for me.

Next comes the ‘generics’. These are the common friends that I don’t consider anything special. They don’t do stuff that I like. Nor do they even do stuff that annoy me. They’re just there because… they’re there. I probably consider them friends for the sake of having friends. These friends are the middle-tier friends for me.

And last, but not least, are the ‘buddies’. You always save the best for the last. They’re the friends who I love being around with. They understand you more than anyone else. They know what makes you laugh so they crack funny and inappropriate jokes. They know what makes you angry so they’ll use that to their advantage. They are the highest form of a friend for me.

And that is how I categorize my friends. Now which category do you fall in? Are you even someone I can call a friend???

Sunday, October 05, 2008

rAndoM thOughtS fRom nOwhEre..

you are the cure to my diSeasE,

you are the beta-blocker for my anginA..

you are the ativan for my hallucinations..

the nitrous oxide when i'm sad..

you are the xylocaine for my cardiac arrhythmia's,

the mannitol for my pressures,

the multi-vitamins for my stresses..

and the bronchodilator when i can’t


you're the cefuroxime for my wounds..

the sutures for my incisions,

the lactated ringer's for my bleeding..

the vicodin for my pain..

you are like a D50 water, that's so sweet to me

my flouxetine HCl when im depressed..

and the captopril for my aching heart..

you are the bismuth subgallate whenever i have

butterflies in my tummy..

my phenobarbital when i can't sleep..

the almotriptan that soothes my headache

and a lidocaine that numbs my pain..

above all..

you are the latEx that protects me..

a diclofenac that will never let me fall ..Ü

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Insurance Portal

As I contemplate the events of my life, where I've been and where I am going, one nagging thought continues to present itself over and over again. Insurance. Whether it's medical, renters, homeowners, automobile or life insurance; everyone needs to find the best plan to cover them within their budget.

We all know that we need life insurance. It’s not that I’m talking about dying anytime soon but what I’m just saying is we do not know what will happen in the future. Well, it's true, everyone is going to die. You know the saying - the only two sure things in life are death and taxes. We worry a lot about the latter and try not to think about the former any more than we have to. That would be fine if we could get out of it by not planning for it, but unfortunately all that will happen is that we will adversely affect the lives of our families and loved ones if we haven't planned well.

Buying life insurance seems like one of those investments that you never collect on, but the peace of mind for the ones who will leave behind is something you can't put a price on. if you're looking for insurance with some flexibility to it, all you have to do is go online and browse your net. Familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of insurance policies and choose the one that best fits your situation and your needs.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cash Advance

A lot of people these days don’t really wait until pay day. There are certain times when you are in need of money and yet waiting for the next pay day is just impractical especially if you don’t know anybody whom you can always rely on borrowing such amount is needed. If you’re experiencing this problem Cash advance is the solution.
Cash advance are emergency loan for small amount of money. These emergency loans are normally sanctioned for less than a month. You have to repay the loan on your next salary day. So it is also called Payday loans.
instant cash loan is one the easiest and easiest way to get money for your daily needs. There are a lot of institutions offering cash advances. at you will never have to wait days or weeks before you get your money. So it is important to compare the best offers available to make things easy. There are sites offer just that. They will give you all information and guidance about the loans. You can compare different offers from various financial institutions and you can select the best one that suits you. By doing so online with the fast and efficient service, you will never go wrong with your loan.

Credit card review

Having credit cards are quite tempting to spend all your credit that you don’t even notice that the expenses you’ve made were beyond your affordable budget. Everything will look so provoking that you could have a non-stop swipe with your credit card. With the way you treat yourself like this; it’s uncontrollable, that you don’t even notice that you have attained the limits of your account. It’s quite terrible if you spend your credit card without any control. You should know how to spend it wisely, from most important expenses to the least expenses accordingly.

0 apr credit card concentrates on notifying clients as regards with credit card offers, how to utilize your credit shrewdly, and sporadically posts witty insights into the madcap world of credit. The site provides all the reliable sources or information that could help their clients by giving some tips on how to spend their credit wisely as possible as they could. Though there are a lot of advantages of having a credit card such as credit cards permits people to make large purchases and also it will serve as a big help for emergencies like hospital bills or medical bills caused by accidents. But despite all this, we do have to control our expenses and therefore we need some tips on how to control and spend our credits wisely in

Payday loan

Household expenses, unforeseen bills, short on cash, looking for someone who’s willing to lend you money for your daily needs. Other situations include immediate car or transportation expenses and paying off of more costly debts, such as those that carry stiff penalties or interest charges.. These are some dilemmas of employed and even unemployed man and woman today. There are actually easy way of getting money through loans. But, there are loans that take time before you will receive the money you needed. I think payday loan can be the answer to your short-term financial needs. Payday loan is quick and easy way for people to receive fast cash. It offers you a chance to cover any of emergencies that need to be paid as soon as possible.

Through instant payday loan, you could get money easily. As what I have said, it’s easier and faster. You don’t have to worry about your daily need, household expenses, other unexpected bills, you don’t need to borrow money from your family and friends and you don’t need to wait for your payday to come to pay all your debts. So smile and worry no more because payday loan is the answer to your problems