Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year.

New years eve traditionally my time to reflect on those things that happened this year. When i look back I have to say I had no regrets. Were things perfect? Of course not and i can't think of any bad things right now. This year, lots of things happened to everyone! to us!!! I Smile, Tears, perspiration, sorrow, etc ...
I'm overwhelmed! I must say 2010 was so good to me. I had the best job ever! a great boss. I met new friends, I finally embraced and accept changes from those people close to me and learned a lot :).

Thanks to my family, relatives and friends and DRO for a wonderful year. For the undying support and love you showed me and for the learning you taught me. Though i had lost one of the closest uncle that i treated as my 2nd dad. Those memories that we shared since i was a toddler will always remain here at the core of my heart.

of course, to our lord our savior! Thank you for showering me with blessings and for guiding me all through out the year.

To someone who help me and offer solutions and tolerate me, I appreciate and acknowledge them

To someone who suffered pains and injuries by me, I would like to say sorry and please forgive me for my innocent approach

Undergo these tasks and challenges we all become mature than before

As the new year begin

I wish everyone to have a happy commencement


struggle to pursue the ideal future