Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My Hubby is a certifies gamer. He has been into gaming since Star craft and counter strike days. i actually met him in one of an Online game that we used to play "RAGNAROK". Just like me he enjoyed playing online games,This is his form of relaxation and i had no problems about that cause he has no other vises aside from playing games. Though I'm glad that he quit playing RF which i myself didn't know how to play because i found it so complicated. i admit that he can't really let go of this game called DOTA! i think every guys know about this game. Dota or Defense of the Ancient is a custom scenario for Warcraft III, based on the "Aeon of stife" map for Warcraft III: the Frozen Throne. It is modelled off of the modified map for Starcraft: Broodwar of the name Aeon of Strife (AoS), where two armies led by powerful units clash against each other. In Defense of the Ancients, two armies (the Sentinel and the Scourge, AI-controlled) fight against each other, led by hero (player-controlled) units. At the beginning of the game, you have the option to choose one hero for the duration of the game. Click on a tavern and hover your mouse over the hero's picture in order to see its abilities. What heroes are available to you depends on the game mode the host selects.
Because i so love my hubby, i tried to enter his world as he tries to enter mine. I tried playing DOTA together with my friend years ago. but i really don't understand the game. You need to know your Hero first and combine your equips. It's really hard for a girl like me since no one teached me. Right now, I'm still a noob (poor me). My hubby was one of the pioneer dota gamer here in our city and ruled it! Right now, he seldomly play Dota since we had a deal that we''ll play any games often because we both knew that once we get attached in one game and got addicted to it no one can stop us from playing..

Monday, February 23, 2009

what is a friend

Your soul can be naked with them. they seem to ask you to put on nothing, only to be what you are. They does not want you to be better or worse.They'll hug you when you have done wrong, stand you up when you stumble and fall, and keep you safe from harm. When you are with them you feel lie a prisoner who has been declared innocent You do not have to be on your guard. You can say what you think, so long as it is genuinely you. They understand those contradictions in your nature. with them you can breath freely. you can avow your little vanities and envies and hate and vicious sparks, your meannesses and absurdities. They understand and loves you. You don't have to be careful on your actions because they know you better that any other. You can weep with them,laugh with them, pray with them. through it all and underneath- they sees, knows and loves you.

i dedicate this to my friends who never leave me in times of trouble. who never dare to changed me but accepted me for who i am. who never questioned my loyalty. i'm always here for you guys no matter what happen. we've been through lot of struggles already and our friendship has been tested for a countless time already yet, your still there. Dont care what other people say. i'm just here... always be her for you... ^_^

avoiding theft

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

femme power

have nothing much. i was like browsing my computer for 3 hours now and i was trying to make a layout using adobe photoshop but unfortunately my so-called creative mind is not functioning well .. so i decided to go online just like my normal routine i checked my mails and expected i got a lot of spam message, i read some blogs and decided to write something here.
i saw this blog about femmepower, i got curious since i don't know the meaning of femme. femme power is a blog about woman maybe that called femme for female. It's all about parenting coz i saw one of the post about teaching our child to save money for their future. she talks about her personal stuffs, parenting and a lot more.

Monday, February 02, 2009

wish list

Im about to post the things that i really want ohhh so baaDDD!!!

first of, Sony VAIO FZ.. it is the latest performance notebook from sony. solid set of features, full featured notebook with clean lines. The Sony Vaio FZ is a pretty, admirable laptop with some great qualities, including a top-notch screen and a nice selection of ports and connectivity options. Performance-wise, the laptop could have fared better. For a multimedia machine with a Blu-Ray drive, we expected better gaming performance, and we'll never be satisfied with a battery that can't last an entire 2-hour disc.

Sony Ericsson T700 Shoot to thrill. Carry your entire photo collection wherever you go with the pocket-sized, 10.1-megapixel DSC-T700 Cyber-shot digital camera. Frame, review and share your photos on the dazzling, 3.5" touch-screen LCD. Boasting 4GB of internal memory, you can also store up to 950 high-resolution or 40,000 VGA-sized images.

The Picanto is very capable on open roads. The skinny tyres provide decent grip, and although body control could be kept in better check, it feels competent when pushed hard. It’s stable at motorway speeds too, even if wind noise can be a little intrusive. The ride is less successful, proving a little underdamped. The Kia tends to skip and bounce over potholes and uneven surfaces. There’s little feedback through the steering, but the Picanto is easy to manoeuvre into tight spaces.

Sony Ericsson C902 is trying to show off its best before the 8 megapixel monsters start stealing the show. The Cyber-shot pedigree, touch-controlled camera and metal outfit are true predator stuff and now that we have a retail unit in our hands it's time to revisit our pre-release preview of the device and see if there are any chinks in its armor that may turn predator to prey.

D3x has full weatherproofing, including a virtually bulletproof magnesium alloy shell (although we wouldn't risk testing that) and all of the little extras that professionals rely upon, like 100% viewfinder coverage, and the best AF, white balance and metering systems around with a resolution of 24.5 megapixel.

there you go.. the 5 things that i want so so so bad!!! i wonder when can i have all of those.. anyways, i'm planning to buy that sony ericsson's C902 sooonnn very very sooon... i'. and that red car? oh well! i doubt it if i can still have that car since my dad told me that he'll buy me a car on my graduation and that will take 2 long year! damn! im going to have another dream car in that time comes for sure!

ima get all of you some dayyyyyy....
just wait!!

ja ne~

a repost