Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas once again!

Christmas is very different now because of the economical crises that we are facing right now. our country is getting poorer because of the corrupt officials who keeps on stealing money from the people in fact our country is the second corrupt country in the word. Hell! can't stand for that. anyways, back to the topic... My Christmas is very different, me and my family used to celebrate Christmas in my aunt's house together with my other relatives. I noticed that we're only few, some of my uncles were not there and their family. One of my Auntie initiated a parlor game for us and for my younger cousins but only few participated and the those least expected people- the teenagers.. the younger once were busy playing games in the cellphone. i felt bad, it was for them but they don't mind but i can't scold them coz i don't want to spoil their day. Christmas if for the kids right? i let them do whatever they wanted as long as they are happy.
Then came the Gift giving.. One by one our Santa's came out with their gift. i got a new pedal from my cousin, a perfume and victoria secret body spray XD XD.. then i won a hanger from my other cousin. ha ha ha silly game! When i look around i noticed that my younger cousin's gifts was more on toys. i remember when i was at their age(around 4 i guess). i keep on telling my aunt to buy me a toy for christmas but they told me that "it's better to give you something useful rather than toys." Every christmas i recieve new dress, new shorts, pants, something that i can wear.
Well, I'm just comparing my generation and now. i don't feel bad, i actually love seeing my cousins play their new toys. as a whole, i had fun celebrating Christmas with my loved once. i already have my Christmas wish and thanks to my dad coz he granted it. till here ^_^ it's still christmas and my relatives will be here any moment now for lunch..

Merry Christmas everyone

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