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Google Sued Over PageRank Decrease

What a stupid update! (GOOGLE)

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Friday, October 30, 2009


Everyone has their own hobbies, a little something that one spends times on to help let time pass by and at the same time something productive to do if they are not at work or after their daily tasks and duties. One of the most common and simple hobbies is photo editing, most people enjoy this past time because not only is it productive but at the same time it helps you reminisce those moments before that you have captured in camera. Moments you considered precious,unforgettable and as people say photos serve as a life time remembrance of that exact moment and exact emotion or hype you felt when that shot was taken. People often tinkle around those pictures for a number of reasons, they would like to remember the emotion and feeling they had when they took the picture, if not; maybe they just simply miss the person and moments when the picture was taken or they just want to have photo fun as they say. Photofun is a term used for people who want to add emphasis or just have fun with their pictures and add life to it.

We all know that with the advancement of our technology today almost anything is possible. Photo editing has been taken to another level, I myself tried to do some basic editing on my old pictures to add some life to it. I even downloaded the latest versions of editors I could get my hands on I was really amazed on the outcomes and I said wow! The things you can do today. I was already amazed on the modifications I made and the features I had with my editor until while I was surfing the web for more details on editing it brought up a word photofunia . A word integrated with photo and fun or having fun so when I opened it I was astounded on the images I saw and what this editor could do. I would like to share with you some photos and examples of their pictures and you can click on the links above to personally checked on the photos I have mentioned.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CamelBack Displays

I am sure that you will agree with me when I say, the environment or the working area of the company makes a big impression on the company's image. Not only that, it is a big factor for the employees and workers of the company,who spends 8 to 10 hours a day in a place where every thing's a mess. Our workplace is considered to be the second place from home since it is where we spend most of our time next to our home, hence it is a must that we make our place clean and presentable. Also our office serves as a facade of the company to their clients and soon to be one. That is why we should take into consideration how we present it and how to make it comfortable but at the same time elegant.

I was going over the web to suggest some improvements to our manager about our work floor because most of us agents think that it is too dry and could use some brightening up and I was able to open up some interesting sites and one of them really caught my attention. They offered a wide selection of trade show booths,table skirts,banner stands, pipe and drapes . Just the stuff I have been looking for to help add life to our work place. I was amazed on the designs they had and speechless on the products that they featured. At first you would think it was just a plain banner stand but it has some additional add-ons . As to what the features and other products they offer feel free to click on the links and visit the site.

bath robe at

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

HON: Vindicator

Vindicator is another clone from dota, this time s2 has decided to port in Silencer. Vindicator has the ability to deal damage based on his intelligence and the ability to silence entire teams.


Attack Type=Ranged
Attack Damage=39-61
Attack Range=600

Strength per level=1.7
Agility per level=2.1
Intelligence per level=2.5


Sage’s Lore : The Vindicator unleashes forgotten lore from within The Book,
causing any enemy heroes to lose health and mana until they cast a spell.

Level 1 : 20 damage per second, drains 10 mana per second for 5 seconds
Level 2 : 30 damage per second, drains 15 mana per second for 6 seconds
Level 3 : 40 damage per second, drains 20 mana per second for 7 seconds
Level 4 : 50 damage per second, drains 25 mana per second for 8 seconds
Mana cost 75/95/115/135
Cooldown 14 seconds

Master’s Incantation: Using the Master’s Incantation inscribed within The Book,
Vindicator enhances his attacks.

Level 1 : Deals 15% of the Vindicator’s Intelligence in bonus True damage when attacking
Level 2 : Deals 30% of the Vindicator’s Intelligence in bonus True damage when attacking
Level 3 : Deals 45% of the Vindicator’s Intelligence in bonus True damage when attacking
Level 4 : Deals 60% of the Vindicator’s Intelligence in bonus True damage when attacking
Mana cost 15
Cooldown 3/2/1/0

Glyph of Silence: Inscribed into the binding of The Book, the Glyph of Silence quiets the minds of those around it who cast a spell while stealing their power if they fall in battle.

Level 1 : Any enemy hero who casts a spell is silenced for 0.75 seconds. Any enemy hero that dies in 950 range permanently looses 1 intelligence while Vindicator gains 1 intelligence
Level 2 : Any enemy hero who casts a spell is silenced for 1.5 seconds. Any enemy hero that dies in 950 range permanently looses 1 intelligence while Vindicator gains 1 intelligence
Level 3 : Any enemy hero who casts a spell is silenced for 2.25 seconds. Any enemy hero that dies in 950 range permanently looses 1 intelligence while Vindicator gains 1 intelligence
Level 4 : Any enemy hero who casts a spell is silenced for 3 seconds. Any enemy hero that dies in 950 range permanently looses 1 intelligence while Vindicator gains 1 intelligence
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a


Final Chapter: Releasing the power held within the final chapter of The Book,
Vindicator prevents any spellcasting across the battlefield.

Level 1 : Silences every enemy hero on the map for 3 seconds
Level 2 : Silences every enemy hero on the map for 4 seconds
Level 3 : Silences every enemy hero on the map for 5 seconds
Mana Cost 250/350/450/
Cooldown 160 seconds

HON: Rampage

“Shredder’s physical appearance remains fairly consistent in all incarnations of the character. Saki is a muscular Japanese man, most frequently seen in the Shredder persona, wearing a suit of armor vaguely based on that of a samurai, with a cape”


Attack Type=Melee
Attack Damage=45-55
Attack Range=100
Strength per level=2.5
Agility per level=1.7
Intelligence per level=1.8


Stampede: Rampage points out a target to his rhino, starting a Stampede that slowly builds in speed and power until reaching the target, stunning them.

Level 1 : Charges towards target and stuns for 1 second
Level 2 : Charges towards target and stuns for 1.5 second
Level 3 : Charges towards target and stuns for 2 second
Level 4 : Charges towards target and stuns for 2.5 second
Mana cost 120
Cooldown 40
Stampede Effects
+10/15/20/25% Movementspeed
+10/15/20/25% Movement Speed per charge (1 every 3 seconds)

Might of the Herd: The rhino Rampage rides is a born leader, enhancing the movement of any nearby allies and giving Rampage more damage the faster he is moving.
Level 1 : 4% of Rampage’s movespeed becomes damage.
Level 2 : 6% of Rampage’s movespeed becomes damage.
Level 3 : 8% of Rampage’s movespeed becomes damage.
Level 4 : 10% of Rampage’s movespeed becomes damage.
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a

Horned Strike: There is a chance Rampage’s rhino unleashes a devastating Horned Strike when he begins an attack, doing bonus damage and pushing then enemy backwards.
Level 1 : 17% chance on attack to push 140 units over 0.95 seconds. Dealing 25 bonus Magic damage
Level 2 : 17% chance on attack to push 180 units over 0.95 seconds. Dealing 50 bonus Magic damage
Level 3 : 17% chance on attack to push 220 units over 0.95 seconds. Dealing 75 bonus Magic damage
Level 4 : 17% chance on attack to push 260 units over 0.95 seconds. Dealing 100 bonus Magic damage
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a


Favor of Sol: Rampage, favored by Sol, calls upon his power to move so quickly he instantly appears next to an enemy hero of his choosing, dealing damage and pushing them back.

Level 1 : Moves rampage next to his target dealing 100 bonus Magic damage and triggering level 4 Horned Strike
Level 2 : Moves rampage next to his target dealing 200 bonus Magic damage and triggering level 4 Horned Strike
Level 3 : Moves rampage next to his target dealing 300 bonus Magic damage and triggering level 4 Horned Strike
Mana Cost 200/250/300
Cooldown 75 seconds

Friday, October 23, 2009

Insulated lunch tote at

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HoN released Patch 0.1.50

S2 games released a new patch again along with two new heroes Rampage Dota's Barathrum and Vindicator and Silencer in DOTA.

Version 0.1.50
- Happy Halloween!
- New Post Game stats screen
- Heroes now be announced in the proper epic voice. Choose Wisely...
- Cooldowns that are ready will no longer show 1s left on the cooldown in the ally info panel
- Players can right click a CC panel notification to close them now
- More restrictive map borders
- Certain abilities will no longer miss stealthed allies
- Hero effects now show up in their 3D portrait (Torturer has a head again)
- Attacks per second now show the correct rounded value in the tooltip
- Fog of war now updates every 400ms instead of every 500ms
- Fix how stunned units affect pathing
- Trees no longer block single target abilities that can't target trees
- Items no longer block neutral creeps from spawning when dropped on the ground
- Right-clicking an ability icon no longer activates non-toggle abilities
- Fix Post Haste minimap ping
- Fixed several abilities including Homecoming Stone and Pyromancer's Stun so they no longer play effects in the fog
- Added Darkwood Vale to icon key
- Fixed Torturer pick sound
- Units will no longer aggro when disarmed or can't attack

- mesh_color_andromeda and mesh_color_unit_reveal shaders are fixed
- Fixed Arcade Text rendering behind the terrain

Banning Draft
- Set up like Random Draft, only with 24 heroes instead of 20
- Top players on either team (Blue or Pink) alternate banning 1 hero each until 4 heroes are banned
- Picking proceedes like a normal RD match after bans, everyone picks their own heroes

- Totem of Kuldra renamed to Kuldra's Sheepstick
- Ring of Sorcery's radius increased to 600 (from 400)
- Slayer's damage increased to 46 (from 36)
- Insanitarius now takes a Steamstaff instead of a Punchdagger. Recipe cost lowered to 500 (from 900)
- Void Talisman no longer lowers Magic Armor
- Bound Eye now only grants the Reveal Sight when held by a hero
- Mana Battery and Power Supply cooldown is lowered to 17 seconds (from 25)
- Charged Hammer cooldown reduced to 35 (from 45)
- Symbol of Rage cooldown reduced to 35 (from 50)

Enhanced Marchers:
- Cooldown time increased to 15 seconds

- Now grants +6 to all attributes and +6 to the active attribute (from +5)

New Heroes
- Vindicator, inspired by DotA's Silencer
- Rampage, inspired by DotA's Spiritbreaker


- Cauterize range increased to 600 (from 300)

- No longer mute

- No longer mute

Blood Hunter
- Hemmorage can no longer be removed

- Attack impact time set to 0.5 seconds (from 0.6)

- Any enemy hero killed in a 400 radius of devourer will grant him the +0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8 strength that he normally gains from killing a hero
- Strength gained from creep kills reduced to +0.03/0.05/0.07/0.09 (from +0.03/0.06/0.09/0.12)

- Static Grip's area damage now deals 30/45/60/75 Magic damage per second, increased from 30/40/50/60
- Energy Absorption now deals 40/75/115/150 True damage to nearby enemies, from 75/100/125/150 Magic damage
- Energy Absorption will now hit Magic Immune units
- Energy Absorption now returns 12/16/20/24 mana per charge, from 15/20/25/30

- Reworked Glacial Downpour to be more consistant (It's so cool now)

- Galvanize radius increased to 500 (from 350)
- Movement speed bonus increased to 14% (from 12%)
- Armor bonus lowered to 3,5,7,10 (from 3,6,9,12)

- Righteous Strike bonus damage reduced to 10/20/30/40, from 12/24/36/50
- Righteous Strike now deals 75% splash damage, decreased from 100%

- Fixed a bug allowing the Madman to activate items without breaking his stealth from Stalk

- Hellbourne Zeal provides a maximum of +100 attack speed

Night Hound
- Can now Pounce 200ms faster

- Nymph's Call no longer shares a cooldown with Teleport

- No longer mute

- Increase based str gain from 2.5 to 2.7
- Flurry speed increased by roughly 40%
- Mana cost of Flurry reduced to 30 per hit, from 40
- Cannonball mana cost set to 100 at all levels (from 95/110/125/140)
- Flick mana cost reduced to 65 at all levels
- Smash Face mana cost reduced to 100/175/250 from 100/200/300
- Smash Face can no longer be evaded

- Stun ground effect is now a bit more accurate to the range

- Wrath of the Pharaoh no longer hits mechanical units

Plague Rider
- Plague Carrier will no longer bounce to the Well structure

Pollywog Priest
- Issuing a move order to the wards will no longer cause them to do nothing
- Voodoo Wards duration increased to 45 seconds (from 30)
- Pollywog's evil cousin, Pollygon Priest, should no longer make an appearance

- Armor reduction reduced to -2/-4/-6 from -4/-8/-12
- Attack speed bonus for attacking a debuffed enemy set to +20/40/60 from +30/50/70
- Mana cost reduced to 50/75/100, from 100/150/200
- Cool down decreased to 60 seconds, from 120 seconds
- Predator will now automatically attack the target of his Venomous Leap after the Leap completes

- Fixed a bug preventing Puppeteer's Hold from being dispellable

Soul Reaper
- Strength gain increased to 2.0 (from 1.5)

- Root will no longer root gadgets such as Pollywog's Wards

- Yet another great voice added

- Base movement speed increased to 315 (from 305)
- Base movement speed while in Bear Form decreased to 270 (from 305)
- Armor bonus from Bear Form increased to 4,6,8 (from 2,4,6)
- BooBoo can no longer attack when more then 925 range away from Wildsoul. He longer instantly teleports back.
- BooBoo's Root can now be removed

Wretched Hag
- Flash of Darkness cast point changed to 0.33 (from 0.5)
- Has gained a voice

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free HON Registration

I have good news for you HON fanatic.... S2games will be opening up HON account registrations to all facebook fans for limited time. You read it right. No beta keys needed. All you have to d o is click the link below. Grab the opportunity now before it's too late.

Search Hereos of Newerth on facebook and be a fan. For you to be updated on the latest game today.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Get a chance to win HON beta keys....

Ok! here's what you HON fanatics are waiting for. The chance to win free beta key. the mechanics are easy. All you need to do is create a post on your website or on your blog site stating why do you personally want to play HON and who amongst the HON heroes is your favorite and leave your the link of your post on my comment box or on my other blog (click here ). There are only a handful of keys left so grab the opportunity now. I will post the winners here.

Reminder: this event will only be good from October 18,2oo9 and i will accept entries till October 26 2009.

Someone left a comment on my blog inviting me to join LinkFromBlog where you can earn money through blogging... So i am inviting you to visit the site for you to find out. Why not try while playing HON right?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Beta key Winner and Patch 0.1.49

Congratulation to for winning one Heroes of Newerth beta key. Just check your email for the beta key and instructions on how you can register. Enjoy playing HON..
For an update, S2games released a new patch last October 12,2009 . This is just bug fix patch with minor balance tweaks to Sand Wraith, Puppetmaster and Kraken. Also heroes can't deny themselves when they have a damage over time on them.

Version 0.1.49
- Fixed some major server crash and lag issues
- Images no longer revive from Token of Life along with fixing some other image issues
- Fixed Geometer's Bane movespeed so it stacks properly with items such as Hack and Slash
- Sand Wraith's Desert's Curse now properly casts at 300ms instead of 500ms
- Sand Wraith's Desert's Curse buff now lets the Sand Wraith path through Fissure and Mummies
- Sand Wraith's Dissipation to not hit Kongor
- Sand Wraith's images from Mirage now have unitwalking and have 400 base movement speed
* Mirage now grants vision of all enemy heroes for the duration of the spell
- Fixed Moon Queen's attacks to not bounce to runes
- Puppetmaster's Voodoo Puppet is now immune to everything but Magic and Attacks (IE: Transfigure, Push, etc)
- Kraken's Whirlpool no longer brings Bosses with it
- Kraken's Splash now takes 25 mana (used to be 15)
- Tweaked how attack speed rounds
- Hosts can no longer autobalance once the game starts (Tricky hosts...)
- Heroes are no longer able to deny themselves when they have a DoT on them

Sunday, October 11, 2009

HON: Sand Wraith

Legends long said that when the sirocco howls off the Great Waste, it is screaming of a Sand Wraith. In the past years, the legend has been borne out, as this ancient evil has glided through Newerth, leaving curses, confusion, and despair in his dusty wake.


Attack Type=Melee
Attack Damage=46-50
Attack Range=100
Strength per level=2.0
Agility per level=2.2
Intelligence per level=1.9


Desert’s Curse: The Sand Wraith calls upon the endless Desert’s Curse, covering the ground ahead of him with sand. Enemies caught in the sand are slowed while the Sand Wraith can move faster and is unhindered by cliffs or trees.

Level 1 : 50 Magic damage in a line (2000 range), applies Familiar ground to Sand Wraith and Desert’s Curse to enemies while in the sand and up to 7 seconds outside of it.
Level 2 : 100 Magic damage in a line (2000 range), applies Familiar ground to Sand Wraith and Desert’s Curse to enemies while in the sand and up to 7 seconds outside of it.
Level 3 : 150 Magic damage in a line (2000 range), applies Familiar ground to Sand Wraith and Desert’s Curse to enemies while in the sand and up to 7 seconds outside of it.
Level 4 : 200 Magic damage in a line (2000 range), applies Familiar ground to Sand Wraith and Desert’s Curse to enemies while in the sand and up to 7 seconds outside of it.
Mana cost 130/140/150/160
Cooldown 16 seconds
Familiar Ground
+5/9/14/18% Movement speed
Unit walking
Tree walking
Cliff walking
Building Walking
Deserted Curse
+5/9/14/18% Movement slow

Deserted: The Sand Wraith can prey on those who are alone,granting him increased damage when an enemy is not near any allies.

Level 1 : Sand Wraith deals 15 True Damage to enemies with no allied units in 400 range.
Level 2 : Sand Wraith deals 25 True Damage to enemies with no allied units in 400 range.
Level 3 : Sand Wraith deals 35 True Damage to enemies with no allied units in 400 range.
Level 4 : Sand Wraith deals 45 True Damage to enemies with no allied units in 400 range.
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a

Dissipation:Using sand itself as a shield, the Sand Wraith reduces incoming damage and reflects it back to any enemies around him.

Level 1 : 5% of all incoming damage to Sand Wraith is reduced and reflected to all enemies in a 1000 range as True Damage.
Level 2 : 10% of all incoming damage to Sand Wraith is reduced and reflected to all enemies in a 1000 range as True Damage.
Level 3 : 15% of all incoming damage to Sand Wraith is reduced and reflected to all enemies in a 1000 range as True Damage.
Level 4 : 20% of all incoming damage to Sand Wraith is reduced and reflected to all enemies in a 1000 range as True damage.
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a



The Sand Wraith tricks the mind, causing an illusion of himself
to appear next to all enemy heroes and attack them. At any
moment he wishes, the Sand Wraith can take the place of one of those illusions.
Level 1 : Spawns an illusion next to all enemies heroes, lasts 5 seconds.
Level 2 : Spawns an illusion next to all enemies heroes, lasts 6 seconds.
Level 3 : Spawns an illusion next to all enemies heroes, lasts 7 seconds.
Mana Cost 150
Cooldown 120 second

Manifest: The Sand Wraith can take the place of any illusion spawned by Mirage.

Range 99999
120 seconds

HON released Patch 1.48.2

To all Heroes of Newerth fanatic who keeps on asking for a beta keys. Just relax coz i'm going to give 3 beta keys next week. Again, just wait for the further announcement on how to get one. For the mean time S2 games released an update yesterday with a new hero Sand Wraith based on DotA's Mercurial the Spectre.

- Fixed Swiftblade's Blade Frenzy

- Fixed Magmus and Devourer from harming or debuffing themselves with their AOEs
- Fixed Maliken's Zeal scaling
- Fixed the .48 changelog
- Fixed attack modifying items/damage and how they propagate to illusions

Version 0.1.48
- Correct some attack speed calculations to make it more accurate
- Updated client game browser to support filtering by region
- Fortification of Sol/Demonic Fortification can now be used while silenced (teleporting to a structure with homecoming stone silences the tower)
- Disband game button has red text in game lobby

- Brutalizer, Charged Hammer, and Thunderclaw no longer propagate to illusions
- Fixed brutalizer from bashing towers
- Steamboots and Enhanced Marchers can now be disassembled
- Symbol of Rage's activation no longer breaks channeling spells
- Sacrificial Stone no longer gets charges from killing illusions
- Multiple Geometers Banes now share cooldowns
- Void Talisman is now removed by Magic Immunity and does not apply the buff while Magic Immune if used
- Blade mail no longer reflects damage from towers
- Insanitarius now stacks with Elder Parasite properly
- Monkey Couriers are no longer on the Tab key. They will remain on the ` key for selection.

New Hero:
Sand Wraith, based on DotA's Mercurial the Spectre


- Chonos and Magmus can't blink out of Puppet Strings or when Immobilized
- Panda's Face Smash and Succubus' Hold will now break Mesmerize on impact

- Spider Sting pet will no longer be a target for Plague Carrier or Acid Coctail

Dark Lady
- Fixed Dark Blades silencing towers
- The silence from Dark Blades will no longer apply to Magic Immune units
- Dark Blades base damage increase set to +50/70/90/110% (from +70/90/110/130%)
- Cover of Darkness reworked:
* This spell now targets a position on the map, rather than being global
* Enemies in a 1000 radius will have Cover of Darkness applied to them (unlinked allied vision, reduced vision range)
* Vision restriction reduced to 400 (from 500)
* Cool down lowered to 120 seconds (from 150)
* Mana cost redcued to 50/100/150 (from 50/150/250)

- Fixed manacost of Grave Silence when Power in Death is learned to 80/70/60/50 (from 160)

Demented Shaman
- Entangle duration properly set to 3 seconds at levels 3 and 4 instead of 4 seconds

- Fixed Energy Absorption tool tip displaying the wrong duration

- Whirlpool may no longer be used near the Well, Tarpit, or any trees
- Splash's damage is now typed as Splash (will no longer hit wards)

- Legionnaire spin changed to trigger at the start of an attack, not when the damage happens

- Max stun range reduced by 100 (from 700 to 600)

- Enemies who die from Master of the Mantra will no longer deny themselves
- Mana Combustion now deals damage equal to 60% of the mana drained (decreased from 80%)
- Mana Combustion no longer gives mana back to Magebane
- Flash armor for allies lowered to 2/3/4/5 (from 7.5) and duration lowered to 7 seconds (from 10, for allies only)

- Hellbourne Zeal now increased attack speed by 1.4 for every 1% health missing. No longer gives a chance to critically strike.
- Possession now applies a temporary +20/40/60 Armor buff to Maliken for the first 2 seconds, which decreases to +0 armor over the next 5 seconds

- Volatile Pod now deals Magic damage

- Flurry no longer Disjoints
- Flurry now takes 0.45 seconds to finish (from 0.25)
- Flurry applies +15/25/35/45% bonus damage (from +15/30/45/60%)
- Flick now applies -2/-4/-6/-8 armor (from -3/-4/-5/-6)
- Flick now has a range of 350 and does a mini-leap to target
- Cannonball now deals an additional 25/50/75/100 Physical damage to any targets within the smaller stun radius
- Cannonball can no longer be used while immobilized
- Face Smash now grants +30/70/120% base damage (from +33/66/100%)

- Stone hide now unpurgable (Again!)

- Voodoo Puppet now does Superior Magic damage. The damage is reduced by Magic Armor but goes through Magic Immunity
- Increased range on Puppeteer's Hold to 600 (from 500)
- Puppet Show will now force the target to attack its allied heroes first. If no allied heroes are in range, then it will prioritize allied creeps. If no allied creeps are in range, then it'll force the target to attack the next unit that passes within a 250/300/350/400 radius.
- Puppet Showed unit now has unitwalking
- Whiplash will automatically remove one charge every 12/10/8/6 seconds. Attacking resets the count down, such that no charges will be automatically removed when auto-attacking.

Voodoo Jester
- Acid Coctail's stun will not stun Magic Immune targets anymore

Wild Soul
- BooBoo's Entangling Claws no longer disarms and cannot proc on Kongor

- Wind Shield is now 8,12,16,20 (from 15,20,25,30)
- Cyclones now spawns 2/4/6/8 Cyclones per level, but Cyclones last 50 seconds at all levels

AMS Fulfillment

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

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Friday, October 09, 2009


It's been a while since the last time i've posted something emo.. lol...

I am completely distraught, frustrated and sad...






i just wanna cry.........

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Free HON beta keys

Seems like every one who keeps on visiting my blog wants to have their own beta keys. So in the next few days I will be giving away free beta keys as for the mechanics keep visiting my site for the updates. If you are interested leave your email addresses on my comment box . Be a part of the latest and fast growing game Heroes of Newerth.

----------- edit: October 16 2009---------------------------
Congratulation to the owner of for winning one heroes of newerth beta keys. Just check your email for the beta key and instruction on how to register..

Have Fun!! ^_^


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Reputation Management Service

We must face the fact that not all of us have the talent of being able to express once feelings and desires. There are quite a number of people who fail to voice out their emotions and desires resulting to their downfall or being deprived of their rights and deserve. Are you one of those people who feels that they are being oppressed and not compensated for their effort? It's time for you to stand and demand for your rights, if you fail to express or voice out yourself. It's time you consult with a Reputation Advocate and get what you deserve. These people will gladly lend their ability to speak and let your voice be heard as u want and should be.

Often most of the employees are being abused by their employers,an example of which is some employers fail to provide the right amount for their employers. Sad to say they are not even benefited with the proper health care and other privileges of a working person, a lot of companies often practice this for them to save money but the downside is their employees are neglected and deprived from their benefits or privileges. The sad part is employees often endure or fail to speak there feelings for the reason of fear. Fear of unable to speak the right words and fear of loosing their employment. This practice should be corrected for we are spending time and sweat and we have every right to be heard for time is something that we can never turn back and go back to.

Another common problem that I know a quite of people share is being robbed and stripped of their properties and even human rights because of failure to be heard and be expressed correctly. There are a lot of filthy rich people who are never contented and would go to all measures to increase their wealth and riches, stop even stoop or refer to dirty tricks and oppress people who cannot afford to confront them for they are not aware that they are being oppressed or they fear they don't have the knowledge to express their rights. Let us stop this abusive people and stop their oppression it's time we stand our ground and fight back consult a Reputation Advocate and be heard. Being uneducated or being unable to speak should not confine us and be a reason why we should be deprived and be oppressed. Stand up against oppressors and don't be a pushover for the rest of your life.

Monday, October 05, 2009

All I need to know about life i learned from eating chocolate...

I just wanted to share this poem i read recently. I already posted it on my other blog. The poem really has some sense and it can make you stop, pause and think. Hope you guys appreciate and love it as much as i did. :)

All I need to know about life,
I learned from eating chocolate..

Some people are semi-sweet;
others are just plain nutty. Don’t
cry over spilled milk - unless, of
course, it’s chocolate milk. There
is a fine line between vice and
addiction. Blind dates are like
chocolate - they’re usually chunky
and they quickly disappear . When
life presents you a rocky road, just
eat your way out of it. Money
can’t buy you love - but it
can buy
you chocolate - 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Keep your fingers off other people’s
bonbons. Mother-in-laws are like
chocolate syrup; a little goes a long

way. Flowers and champagne may
set the stage, but it’s chocolate that
steals the show. An ounce of
truffles is worth a pound of
anything. Milk chocolate…for all
it’s worth. You never really know a
person ’til you’ve shared a box of
chocolate with them. A kiss is
is just a kiss, but a chocolate kiss is
bliss. True love will remain long
after the chocolates have gone…..
provided there’s another box. The
best things in life are not fat free
Nothing is worth getting sick over -
except; of course, chocolate. When all
else fails; fudge it! And remember….
Life is like a box of chocolates,
take a bite out of anything…!

Have a chocolate life!!!! :)

Blinks At You, The Star

what personality disorder are you?

You May Be a Bit Antisocial...

Antisocial? That may be a bit of an understatement.

You think rules are meant to be broken - and with gusto!

Having no fear, you don't even think about consequences.

But people love you anyway... you've got a boatload of charm.

For me to post something today here i decided to visit blogthing and answer some of their quizes.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

American Heritage Data Corporation

I was watching T.V last night and somehow since it was late already at night I couldn't look for any decent shows, almost every time I press the channel arrow all I could find was news. So I was left with no choice but to watch it till I felt drowsy. One common thing about news shows is they all have this part of the show called business portion and I was amazed on one of the featured business. The business was called American Heritage Data Corporation they provide mortage mailing lists, marketing lists and direct marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes.

They basically help companies in conducting surveys and help them reach out to the needs of people so they can cater them. Since the company has been established for quite some time they have a wide database that can produce a very reliable outcome. Also they now offer mailing leads as party of their improvements as a company to better assist the people. Nothing is sure especially in the business world but with the help of companies like American Heritage Data Corporation they increase the chances of a successful business.