Wednesday, August 13, 2008

25% Responsible for the Rape

A British woman who was raped had a compensation package cut by 25% because she was drunk when the rape happened.

She was awarded $15,696 instead of the standard $20,928. The decision was overturned.

She was told "The evidence that we have shows that your excessive consumption of alcohol was a contributing factor in the incident." Here is the link: Link

If a woman is raped while drunk, isn't she at least 25% responsible for the rape?


lonigro said...

Buzzed The Net here i check for my link i could not find it..And you also might want to change the color text of your links...Blue on red is not a good color match

JohnnyV said...

There is no excuse or reason for rape...ever. The fact that this kind of law is inacted is jaw dropping. Going by the report, her drink was spiked so she wasn't even drunk by her own decision. Even if she was there is still no excuse, and there should be no kind of compensation for the rapist if she is.

peaceful1 said...

Being a little tipsy isnt a crime (unless you harm someone or cause a scene), however rape is ALWAYS a crime, no matter what. By saying she is 25% responsible, it seems like they're saying that she has comitted the crime and are basically blaming her...
but thats just how I read it maybe Im wrong idk

Wayne said...

Hi Cheneetot, well met!

I'm with Johnnyv there, there is never a reason for that. That's absolutely shocking there is a fricken percentage tied to it.