Friday, October 31, 2008

Mamma Mia!

whoah! i just finished watching the movie mamma mia.. unfortunately i just watched it in the moviesisters since i didn't get a chance to watched it in theater. the story is all about the girl named sophie who accidentally read her mother's diary and finds out that she has 3 potential father. in her wedding she invited the 3 men hoping to find out his real dad. She hides them from her mother and makes them promise not to reveal she invited them to the wedding.
Meanwhile while her mother named donna making repairs on their hotel, she accidentally discover the 3 men and panics. She asked the 3 men to leave the island. When sophie finds out that the 3 men was about to leave she forced them to stay for the wedding and listen to their memories of her mother. During the night at the party. each men talked to sophie and concluded that they could be her father and that they will give her away at the wedding. The following day her mother and Sam (one of the 3 potential father) talked but increasingly frustrated with each other. She confesssed to her future husband what she has done, and he becomes unsure about their coming wedding, feeling sidelined by her ‘fathers’. A distressed Sophie asks her mother if she will help her dress for the wedding (instead of her bridesmaids) and her mom agrees, thrilled. Donna reminisces about precious times to get her now grown-up daughter. En route, her mother rebuffs sam as she is still deeply hurt that he left her and offers him to sing with her because he was engaged to another woman. She then runs away to her daughter’s wedding on the hilltop. During the ceremony her mom reveals that her fathers although she doesn't know who is present and realized that sophie invited them. The three men declare they are all thrilled to be Sophie’s potential father, and will gladly be ‘a third of a father each’. Sophie cancels the wedding, to Sky’s delight, so that they can go traveling together instead, as they still feel too young to settle down. Making the most of the surroundings, Sam declares he is still in love with Donna, and proposes, explaining that after leaving her 20 years ago, he went to England to break off his engagement, but returned to Kalokairi to be told she was away dating another man. He went home and got married anyway, but he is now divorced. Donna eventually says yes after learning the truth.

so that is it.. my short summary of the movie.. i'm not really that good narrator but i'm hoping that you get the story. The movie is musical, you can see all the characters are singing and dancing. actually almost all the songs that were played in the movie was songs of abba ...

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