Friday, October 10, 2008

Problems of teenagers

Teenagers are far more prone to problems than anyone else. There are many reasons as to why teenagers experience dozens of problems. I think the reason behind this is change. Teenagers are at the point of their lives wherein they say goodbye to their childhood and enter the stage of adulthood. It is at this point of their lives that they develop physically, mentally and emotionally. That is why teenagers often find themselves having a hard time with everything because they are still at the developmental stage of their lives.

It is only normal for teenagers to encounter many problems. The only wrong thing that teenagers do is to resort to immoral acts like smoking cigarettes, using drugs and engaging in pre-marital sex as solutions for their problems. I don’t really think that teenagers should indulge themselves in these things. There are many other better ways as to how they can solve their problems.

Take my cousin, for example. My cousin grew up with a broken family. His mother left him at an early age, his father was a lazy drunkard and his older siblings were rebels who ran away from them. My cousin wasn’t able to go to school because his father, the only person he was left with, wasted all their money on gambling and drinking. Despite the hard situation that my cousin was experiencing, he still had a positive outlook in life. He believed that he should work as hard as he could so that all his work would pay off in the end. Time came that his uncle adopted him and took him away from his father. They raised him and sent him to school and now he’s having a successful life.

All of these happened without him engaging in immoral acts. That is why I believe that teenagers shouldn’t resort to any dangerous activities when they’re experiencing problems. They just need to understand that life is like working with math: there’s always a solution to every problem. We just need to use the proper means as to get those solutions.

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