Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Make it Happen

at last! for almost 1 week of craving to watched this movie we decided to watched it last Wednesday since it's the last day that the movie will be seen in theater. The Film is average watchable dance drama . The story started when Mary Elizabeth Winstead who played as Lauryn dreams of attending a prestigious school in Chicago. Unfortunately when she arrive in Chicago she failed the audition because of her hoodie-clad dance routine. luckily she met Dana played by Tessa Thompson who gets her a book keeping job in Ruby's.

as my review the movie is great. i mean it's not boring maybe because i love dancing or what. i really love the movie. the story is not that cheezy. it didn't focused more on the love story but the story of the girl and her dreams. i like the love story as well coz it feels like they were teenagers. ha ha ha. plus the guy is so cute. i like it every time she porform coz he choreograph is so nice.
we actually watched it for 2 times..

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