Sunday, October 05, 2008

rAndoM thOughtS fRom nOwhEre..

you are the cure to my diSeasE,

you are the beta-blocker for my anginA..

you are the ativan for my hallucinations..

the nitrous oxide when i'm sad..

you are the xylocaine for my cardiac arrhythmia's,

the mannitol for my pressures,

the multi-vitamins for my stresses..

and the bronchodilator when i can’t


you're the cefuroxime for my wounds..

the sutures for my incisions,

the lactated ringer's for my bleeding..

the vicodin for my pain..

you are like a D50 water, that's so sweet to me

my flouxetine HCl when im depressed..

and the captopril for my aching heart..

you are the bismuth subgallate whenever i have

butterflies in my tummy..

my phenobarbital when i can't sleep..

the almotriptan that soothes my headache

and a lidocaine that numbs my pain..

above all..

you are the latEx that protects me..

a diclofenac that will never let me fall ..Ü

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