Monday, October 06, 2008

“The People I’ve Come to Love and Hate” (Classification - The Kinds of Friends)

In life, there are many different kinds of people. After all, what’s life without variety? Of course, the people who you call friends also fall into different categories. There are some kinds friends who I like being around with, some who I hate, and some who I don’t give a thing or two about.

First of all, there are those friends who I call the ‘leechers’. They’re the friends who call you their friends whenever they want something from you for their personal gain. These things include your money for buying food and stuff for themselves, your homework for whenever they need ‘help’, or even your presence for when they want someone to take the blame and you end up being the scapegoat. I hate leechers… They’re the lowest kind of friends for me.

Next comes the ‘generics’. These are the common friends that I don’t consider anything special. They don’t do stuff that I like. Nor do they even do stuff that annoy me. They’re just there because… they’re there. I probably consider them friends for the sake of having friends. These friends are the middle-tier friends for me.

And last, but not least, are the ‘buddies’. You always save the best for the last. They’re the friends who I love being around with. They understand you more than anyone else. They know what makes you laugh so they crack funny and inappropriate jokes. They know what makes you angry so they’ll use that to their advantage. They are the highest form of a friend for me.

And that is how I categorize my friends. Now which category do you fall in? Are you even someone I can call a friend???

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Jody Donnelly said...

I am not a friend but maybe I will become one :) No actually I am just another blogger and I happened to read your blog and I just wanted to say that I couldn't agree more.