Tuesday, November 04, 2008

happy 2nd monthsary

me and my boyfriend are celebrating our second month together and it was my turn to treat him out. so, i bring him in Garden Fresco since he haven't heard of that place before. the place is nice and cozy. It suits for couple who wants privacy. Candle light dinner at the side of the pond is so romantic and i love it. i will never ever forget this night. i'll share some pictures here if i'm done uploading my photos. One of the thing that made me so happy today is his gift. he gave me a tarot card. I've been a sucker of tarot card and reading, psychic, witches, etc etc since i can't hardly remember. i was in college when i thought my interest on that stuff was gone. Late this september when my obsession about tarot cards arouse me and i'm back looking for tarot cards again. Thanks to my boy friend coz he gave me a tarot card consist of tarot card and the book to guide me in using it. aside from that, he also gave me a book entitled Nights in Rodanthe. It's a novel written by Nicholas Sparks that became a movie that will be shown soon. too much gift. Unfortunately i had no gift fror him since i was planning to buy a figurine and i will be the one to paint it. since there's no cute design, i decided to look for some cute design tomorrow since the sales lady told me that there will be stucks will delivered tomorrow.

TIll here guys

Ja Ne~

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Jody Donnelly said...

I wanted you to receive the Butterfly Award because I love your blog
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