Friday, October 23, 2009

HoN released Patch 0.1.50

S2 games released a new patch again along with two new heroes Rampage Dota's Barathrum and Vindicator and Silencer in DOTA.

Version 0.1.50
- Happy Halloween!
- New Post Game stats screen
- Heroes now be announced in the proper epic voice. Choose Wisely...
- Cooldowns that are ready will no longer show 1s left on the cooldown in the ally info panel
- Players can right click a CC panel notification to close them now
- More restrictive map borders
- Certain abilities will no longer miss stealthed allies
- Hero effects now show up in their 3D portrait (Torturer has a head again)
- Attacks per second now show the correct rounded value in the tooltip
- Fog of war now updates every 400ms instead of every 500ms
- Fix how stunned units affect pathing
- Trees no longer block single target abilities that can't target trees
- Items no longer block neutral creeps from spawning when dropped on the ground
- Right-clicking an ability icon no longer activates non-toggle abilities
- Fix Post Haste minimap ping
- Fixed several abilities including Homecoming Stone and Pyromancer's Stun so they no longer play effects in the fog
- Added Darkwood Vale to icon key
- Fixed Torturer pick sound
- Units will no longer aggro when disarmed or can't attack

- mesh_color_andromeda and mesh_color_unit_reveal shaders are fixed
- Fixed Arcade Text rendering behind the terrain

Banning Draft
- Set up like Random Draft, only with 24 heroes instead of 20
- Top players on either team (Blue or Pink) alternate banning 1 hero each until 4 heroes are banned
- Picking proceedes like a normal RD match after bans, everyone picks their own heroes

- Totem of Kuldra renamed to Kuldra's Sheepstick
- Ring of Sorcery's radius increased to 600 (from 400)
- Slayer's damage increased to 46 (from 36)
- Insanitarius now takes a Steamstaff instead of a Punchdagger. Recipe cost lowered to 500 (from 900)
- Void Talisman no longer lowers Magic Armor
- Bound Eye now only grants the Reveal Sight when held by a hero
- Mana Battery and Power Supply cooldown is lowered to 17 seconds (from 25)
- Charged Hammer cooldown reduced to 35 (from 45)
- Symbol of Rage cooldown reduced to 35 (from 50)

Enhanced Marchers:
- Cooldown time increased to 15 seconds

- Now grants +6 to all attributes and +6 to the active attribute (from +5)

New Heroes
- Vindicator, inspired by DotA's Silencer
- Rampage, inspired by DotA's Spiritbreaker


- Cauterize range increased to 600 (from 300)

- No longer mute

- No longer mute

Blood Hunter
- Hemmorage can no longer be removed

- Attack impact time set to 0.5 seconds (from 0.6)

- Any enemy hero killed in a 400 radius of devourer will grant him the +0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8 strength that he normally gains from killing a hero
- Strength gained from creep kills reduced to +0.03/0.05/0.07/0.09 (from +0.03/0.06/0.09/0.12)

- Static Grip's area damage now deals 30/45/60/75 Magic damage per second, increased from 30/40/50/60
- Energy Absorption now deals 40/75/115/150 True damage to nearby enemies, from 75/100/125/150 Magic damage
- Energy Absorption will now hit Magic Immune units
- Energy Absorption now returns 12/16/20/24 mana per charge, from 15/20/25/30

- Reworked Glacial Downpour to be more consistant (It's so cool now)

- Galvanize radius increased to 500 (from 350)
- Movement speed bonus increased to 14% (from 12%)
- Armor bonus lowered to 3,5,7,10 (from 3,6,9,12)

- Righteous Strike bonus damage reduced to 10/20/30/40, from 12/24/36/50
- Righteous Strike now deals 75% splash damage, decreased from 100%

- Fixed a bug allowing the Madman to activate items without breaking his stealth from Stalk

- Hellbourne Zeal provides a maximum of +100 attack speed

Night Hound
- Can now Pounce 200ms faster

- Nymph's Call no longer shares a cooldown with Teleport

- No longer mute

- Increase based str gain from 2.5 to 2.7
- Flurry speed increased by roughly 40%
- Mana cost of Flurry reduced to 30 per hit, from 40
- Cannonball mana cost set to 100 at all levels (from 95/110/125/140)
- Flick mana cost reduced to 65 at all levels
- Smash Face mana cost reduced to 100/175/250 from 100/200/300
- Smash Face can no longer be evaded

- Stun ground effect is now a bit more accurate to the range

- Wrath of the Pharaoh no longer hits mechanical units

Plague Rider
- Plague Carrier will no longer bounce to the Well structure

Pollywog Priest
- Issuing a move order to the wards will no longer cause them to do nothing
- Voodoo Wards duration increased to 45 seconds (from 30)
- Pollywog's evil cousin, Pollygon Priest, should no longer make an appearance

- Armor reduction reduced to -2/-4/-6 from -4/-8/-12
- Attack speed bonus for attacking a debuffed enemy set to +20/40/60 from +30/50/70
- Mana cost reduced to 50/75/100, from 100/150/200
- Cool down decreased to 60 seconds, from 120 seconds
- Predator will now automatically attack the target of his Venomous Leap after the Leap completes

- Fixed a bug preventing Puppeteer's Hold from being dispellable

Soul Reaper
- Strength gain increased to 2.0 (from 1.5)

- Root will no longer root gadgets such as Pollywog's Wards

- Yet another great voice added

- Base movement speed increased to 315 (from 305)
- Base movement speed while in Bear Form decreased to 270 (from 305)
- Armor bonus from Bear Form increased to 4,6,8 (from 2,4,6)
- BooBoo can no longer attack when more then 925 range away from Wildsoul. He longer instantly teleports back.
- BooBoo's Root can now be removed

Wretched Hag
- Flash of Darkness cast point changed to 0.33 (from 0.5)
- Has gained a voice

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