Friday, October 16, 2009

Beta key Winner and Patch 0.1.49

Congratulation to for winning one Heroes of Newerth beta key. Just check your email for the beta key and instructions on how you can register. Enjoy playing HON..
For an update, S2games released a new patch last October 12,2009 . This is just bug fix patch with minor balance tweaks to Sand Wraith, Puppetmaster and Kraken. Also heroes can't deny themselves when they have a damage over time on them.

Version 0.1.49
- Fixed some major server crash and lag issues
- Images no longer revive from Token of Life along with fixing some other image issues
- Fixed Geometer's Bane movespeed so it stacks properly with items such as Hack and Slash
- Sand Wraith's Desert's Curse now properly casts at 300ms instead of 500ms
- Sand Wraith's Desert's Curse buff now lets the Sand Wraith path through Fissure and Mummies
- Sand Wraith's Dissipation to not hit Kongor
- Sand Wraith's images from Mirage now have unitwalking and have 400 base movement speed
* Mirage now grants vision of all enemy heroes for the duration of the spell
- Fixed Moon Queen's attacks to not bounce to runes
- Puppetmaster's Voodoo Puppet is now immune to everything but Magic and Attacks (IE: Transfigure, Push, etc)
- Kraken's Whirlpool no longer brings Bosses with it
- Kraken's Splash now takes 25 mana (used to be 15)
- Tweaked how attack speed rounds
- Hosts can no longer autobalance once the game starts (Tricky hosts...)
- Heroes are no longer able to deny themselves when they have a DoT on them

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