Saturday, October 03, 2009

Blog of the day: Untitled Thoughts

I'm a bit bored now... Me and lester played DOTA (Defense of the Ancient) for 2 games but unfortunately we always lose. Just to ease this irksomeness i decided to post exchange since i haven't featured any blog for months now. I was horrified when i clicked the exchange post botton the site that was given to me happen to be one of my closest friend's blog
Unlucky for you reader coz i'm about to feature Kim's blog entitled " Untitled thoughts". ( just kidding). According to kim, her blog gives nothing depending on her mood. I love her blog actually not because i am her friend or "whatever". I love listening to her playlist and reading her super drama post every time she gets emo... ha ha ha!
You guys better check her blog and discover her thoughts and figure out why it's Untitled.

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