Friday, October 30, 2009


Everyone has their own hobbies, a little something that one spends times on to help let time pass by and at the same time something productive to do if they are not at work or after their daily tasks and duties. One of the most common and simple hobbies is photo editing, most people enjoy this past time because not only is it productive but at the same time it helps you reminisce those moments before that you have captured in camera. Moments you considered precious,unforgettable and as people say photos serve as a life time remembrance of that exact moment and exact emotion or hype you felt when that shot was taken. People often tinkle around those pictures for a number of reasons, they would like to remember the emotion and feeling they had when they took the picture, if not; maybe they just simply miss the person and moments when the picture was taken or they just want to have photo fun as they say. Photofun is a term used for people who want to add emphasis or just have fun with their pictures and add life to it.

We all know that with the advancement of our technology today almost anything is possible. Photo editing has been taken to another level, I myself tried to do some basic editing on my old pictures to add some life to it. I even downloaded the latest versions of editors I could get my hands on I was really amazed on the outcomes and I said wow! The things you can do today. I was already amazed on the modifications I made and the features I had with my editor until while I was surfing the web for more details on editing it brought up a word photofunia . A word integrated with photo and fun or having fun so when I opened it I was astounded on the images I saw and what this editor could do. I would like to share with you some photos and examples of their pictures and you can click on the links above to personally checked on the photos I have mentioned.

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