Saturday, October 03, 2009

HON released Patch 0.1.47

Finally! S2 games released a new patch yesterday with a new hero named Pandamonium which i thought at first was Pandaren Brewmaster but it has no real DOTA equivalent. There are 2 new items intelligence heroes build. Along with the new update, they also fixed bugs and Teleporting with Post Haste to pets such as Couriers has been removed/fixed. The Dark Lady and Magebane recieved a rework and Steamboots/Enhanced Marchers got changed again!

New items:

The complete patch notes are as follows:
- Single Draft game mode now displays your allied player's hero choices
- Updates to Fog of War to improve player ability to juke
- Getting information on a player who is in game will display their current game time
- Channeling spells will now break if the target and caster get too far away from each other
- Can no longer teleport (with Post Haste) to pets. Includes couriers, Defiler's ult, Zephyr's tornadoes, and Arachna's spider pet.
- Shops are now larger and better! Outpost updated! Hurrah!
- Fixed a bug stopping projectiles from being shot off the edge of the map (Stopped you from throwing an arrow towards the edge of the map, etc)
- Non-damaging stuns now count for assists
- Changed invisibility rune to not expire until you actually complete an attack
- Ultimates that go through Magic Immunity are now tagged as Superior Magic
- Regeneration from the Regen Rune now expires when you are full life and mana
- Added new jukespots and new places you can buy from the secret shops on Caldavar
- Tweaked Tower AI significantly
- Heroes that cast targetted DoTs make those they target deniable by teammates when under 10%
* Wretched Hag Haunt
* Blacksmith Flaming Hammer
* Slither Toxicity and Poison Spray
* Hellbringer Death Boil
* Blood Hunter Blood Crazy
* Legionnaire Terrify
* Demented Shaman Entangle
* Voodoo Jester Mojo (main target only)
- Denying a hero no longer grants the deny-er gold

- Crit percentage now properly shows up in the shop window
- Removed cooldown from the Mana Potion and gave it a range so you no longer have to be inside a hero to cast it on them
- Sacrificial Stone no longer gets charges from illusions
- Can now disassemble Charged Hammer
- Fixed Ring of the Teacher and Abyssal Skull to not stack auras
- Brutalizer stun chance no longer stacks with itself
- Kongor's Token of Life now expires after 10 minutes
- Kongor's Token of Life is now binded to the owner when it is picked up. The item can be passed, but it will not trigger on death unless it is held by the owner.
- Bottle now will automatically consume the rune it holds 2 minutes after picking it up, even if the bottle is passed to another
- Astrolabe now heals magic immune units
- Savage Mace is now back in the Combative Shop
- Nullstone now blocks all single target abilities, not just Magic. Can also now trigger while stunned.
- Nullfire Blade again does bonus damage based on the mana burned
- Alchemist Bones recipe now takes 2x Gloves of the Swift and a recipe
- Insanitarius no longer breaks channelling when turned on

- Steamboots
* Recipe is now Marchers, Bolstering Armband/Fleetfeet/Apprentice's Robe, and a Major Totem. 1490 total.
* 75 Movement Speed
* +5 all stats
* +5 stat of your choice, toggable

- Enhanced Marchers
* Unchanged Recipe. 1500 total
* 65 Movement Speed
* +16 damage
* 30 attack speed
* Phased effect now lasts for 5 seconds with a 10 second cooldown
* Using abilities while Phased will no longer remove the Phased Effect

- Flayer Removed

- Riftshards reworked
* Takes a Punchdagger, Broadsword, and 950 recipe. 2650 total.
* 950 recipe can be bought to upgrade the item 3 more times
* +45/55/65/75 damage
* 10/13/16/20% chance to crit
* 1.8/2.0/2.2/2.4 crit damage

New item: Major Totem.
- +4 all stats, 540 gold

- New Item: Nome's Wisdom
* Takes a Ring of the Teacher, Great Arcana, and 325 recipe. 2500 total.
* 6 int, 10 damage, 10 attack speed
* +4 armor, +1 mana regen aura
* Any heroes under the effect of the aura are healed for 25% of their mana costs when casting spells.

- New Item: Harkon's Blade
* Located in the Morph Attack shop
* Takes a Great Arcana, Acolyte's Staff, and 725 recipe. 5100 total.
* 35 int, 25 damage, 10 attackspeed, 150% Mana Regen
* Toggle item. When toggled on, attacks deal Magic damage instead of Physical. Drains 100 mana per attack and applies Harkon's Blade to the target
* Harkon's Blade Debuff: Lowers Magic Armor by 5 for 6 seconds.

- Couriers learned some new tricks
* Recipies now form on couriers
* Neutrals will no longer attack them unless a courier stops moving on top of them
* Added an ability to fly/run to you and drop all items you own onto your hero (Delivery)
* Added an ability to fly/run back to the well (Homeward Bound)

- Behemoth's Heart Re-worked
- Recipe the same, cost the same, still grants 35 strength and 300 health
- Grants .75% regen to Strength heroes
- Grants +10% to all damage done for Agility Heroes
- Grants -15% cooldowns and +30 cast speed to Intelligence Heroes

New Heroes
- New Strength hero for the Legion
- Flurry
* Deals Physical damage equal to one attack with +15/30/45/60% base damage to targets infront of self. Self and targets are pushed forward 100 units. Each use of this ability consumes 1 charge. 1 charge is restored every 4 seconds. Maximum of 1,2,3,4 charges.
- Flick
* Throws target unit behind Pandamonium. Upon landing, applies Flicked to target for 6 seconds.
* Flicked: -6 armor and reduces movement speed by 20/30/40/50% initially, recovering to full speed over the duration.
- Cannon Ball
* Throws Pandamonium toward target location over 0.95 seconds. Upon landing, damages enemies in a 400 radius for 75/125/175/225 Physical damage. Enemy units in a 200 radius are stunned for .75/1.25/1.75/2.25 seconds. Stuns Pandamonium for 1.5 seonds if no enemies are stunned.
- Face Smash
* Channeling. Applies Face Smash to target for the duration of the channel. Deals one attack every second over the duration, for a total of 4 attacks. Each attack deals +33/66/100% base damage.

- Fixed Shield to refresh amount absorbed when it is recast on the same target
- Sear now grants allies a buff again instead of just himself
- Shield and Flame Consumption now remove stuns

- Armordillo now procs an extra spray faster

- Movespeed increased from 290 to 300

- Recoded Frenzy to cast correctly on creeps
- Added delays for the multicast impacts for Fireball
- Want to know the last change? TOO BAD! IT'S ME, BLACKSMITH!

Blood Hunter
- Fixed tooltips

- Bash damage can proc while the stun is on cooldown

Dark Lady
- Base strength increased from 18 to 22
- Base intelligence increased from 13 to 16, gain increased from 1.75 to 1.9
- Dark Blades cool down changed from 25 seconds to 26/22/18/14 seconds
- Mana cost of Charging Strikes set to 75 at all levels. Each consecutive attack while charging will deal 15% less damage, reduced from 25%. Applies a self buff at the end, increasing attack speed significantly.
- Taint Soul slightly reworked:
* Mana cost reduced from 90/110/130/150 to 35/45/55/65
* Range increased from 1000 to 1200
* Damage reduced from 75/125/175/225 to 60/90/120/150
- Cover of Darkness
* Duration reduced from 6/9/12 to 4/6/8 seconds
* Movement speed slow changed from 5% to 5%/10%/15%
* Sight range set to 500 at all levels

- Hook range increased, touch radius decreased. Total range is now 1160.
- Hook now brings your target next to the Devourer instead of 128 units away

- Ice Imprisonment now lasts 10 seconds on non-hero and non-pets.

Keeper of the Forest
- Root can now hit magic immune units

- Splash is now Physical damage

Magebane Rework
- Strength gain set to 1.6 per level
- Mana Combustion
* Now gives Magebane mana back equal to 1/4 of the mana burned
- Flash
* Minimum blink range removed
* Adds Magic Armor to allied heroes and self after blinking
- Spell Resistance
* Removed
- Mana Rift
* Tooltip fixed
- New Ability: Master of the Mantra (E)
* Passive Aura
* 600 Radius on all enemy heroes
* -15/20/25/30 Cast Speed
* Damaged for 35/50/65/80% of abilities and items manacost when cast

- Fixed splash damage when in Posession form
- Increased base strength from 18 to 22, damage recuded by 4 to compensate
- Can no longer teleport to his sword while Immobilized

- Changed Nymphora's call to disjoint the target (to stop a Predator from leaping across the map)

- Ophelia's Touch will no longer heal wards
- Fixed Ophelia's Judgment to always reference the well
- Can no longer befriend the very large creatures of Newerth

- Fixed Chuck (again!)

- Lowered his Aggro radius to 100 while inside his Wall of Mummies. Stops him getting pushed to the edge of the wall and being stuck there.

Plague Rider
- Fixed tooltips
- Fixed Cursed Shield to not debuff ranged units
- Recoded Plague Carrier to function properly and increased speed to 522

Pollywog Priest
- Fixed Electric Jolt (again!)

- Mana cost on Terror reduced from 100/200/300 to 100/150/200

- Added a stop command to Puppet Show to stop spells in midcast

- Can no longer nail Kongor with Marksman Shot
- Added an initial mana cost of 30 to Vanish
- Disarm can no longer disarm a target within 4 seconds of them being disarmed. Disarm duration decreased from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.
- Fixed a bug preventing certain items from expiring his invisibility

Soul Reaper
- Fixed base damage to the proper amount
- Judgment does not hit invisible units anymore
- Demonic Execution damage is properly lowered by Magic Armor
- Demonic Execution can no longer be used on Kongor
- Withering Presence will no longer hurts wards
- Soul Reaper now dies in a very impressive way

- Can no longer cast Smitten on Kongor. Kongor smash instead.

Voodoo Jester
- Acid Cocktail will no longer bounce off runes or catapaults
- Fixed Acid Cocktail from spawning two projectiles when the original target becomes invalid

Wild Soul
- Changed BooBoo's entangle cooldown to 3 seconds
- BooBoo is no longer stunned for longer then a hero

Wretched Hag
- Sonar Scream cooldown is now 7 seconds
- Bat Blast cone reworked, should be more accurate

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