Friday, October 02, 2009

HON: New Item

The developer for Heroes of Newerth just released an update a few minutes ago. Along with a new hero named Pandamonium they also add 2 new hero for intelligence build heroes " Harkon's Blade" and "Nome's Widsom".

Harkon's Blade Nome's Widsom

Harkon's Blade

While active changes attack damage type to Magic at the cost of mana per attcack.
Attacks also reduce Magic Armor of the target tempoorarily.

Value 5100

Passive Bonuses

+35 Intelligence

+25 Damage

+10 Attack Speed

+150% Mana REgeneration


Attack Toggle Enemey Units

Type: Attack Magc

Mana cost: 100

Attacks deal Magic damage. Applies
Harkon’s Blade to the attack target for 3

Harkon’s Blade Effects
-5 Magic Armor


Great Arcane 1675
Acolyte's Staff 2700
Harcon Blade Recipe 725

Nome's Widsom:

Applies an aura to all nearby Allies

Value 2500

Passive Bonuses

+10 Intelligence

+21 Damage

+10 Attack Speed

+75% Mana Regeneration


Radius: 900 Ally Units

Aura Effects

+4 ARmor

+1 MAna Regeneration

Heroes are healfed for 25% of the

mana cost of abilities or items cast.

Toggle abilities only count the initial cost.


Ring of the Teacher 500
Great Arcana 1675
Nome's Wisdom Recipe 325

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