Sunday, August 30, 2009

What makes a successful nouveau riche....

It is a known fact that it has been always everybody's dream to become rich and powerful, This has been a quest for human beings long since the beginning of time. Many have succeeded and conquered this goal but most of us failed to achieve it. It has like a ratio of a thousand to 1, For about thousands of people only 1 succeeds with this goal. And if you where given a chance to talk to 1 of those successful people and ask for enlightenment on how they where able to achieve their goal or how come they succeeded on this feet, whom which most people fail. They often share the same advice or suggestion. In life we all have to take chances, but not just any kind of chances or gambles. Its what people call a calculated risk or a chance that has a high opportunity of succeeding rather than failing. There is an article from one of the most well renowned news providers on the world that can surely enlighten one and provide more concrete examples on what I was referring to earlier. Everyone wants to be a nouveau riche or as we say the newest members of the upstarts or the new competitors and successors in their field. It doesn't take much to become a member of this group, all it takes is good planning, positive thinking and of course the willingness to take a leap of faith or risk when the time calls for one.

Once a nouveau riche has established a good and firm grip on his/her initial business an entrepreneur or a winner always doesn't settle down, he/she often thinks advanced and gets ready for a well organized plan or a calculated move for him/her to expand his quest for being successful. In one's quest for success they often have to make decisions and educated risks to achieve their goal but this time they need to be more cautious for it involves a larger risk, but in the end if one persists and doesn't fail to be concentrate and keep in mind his goal then he/she will succeed and will be rewarded with the title of an elite nouveau riche. And when the time comes when that person has reached his goal and became contented, they can proudly face anyone with their chins held up high and say. “I am a successful person and I have nothing to regret in my life”.

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