Monday, August 10, 2009

The Proposal

The Proposal is a romantic comedy movie staring Sandra Bullok and Ryan Reynolds. Sandra portrayed as Margaret Tate is a Canadian immigrant who creates a demanding and difficult work environment for her subordinates at Golden Book as the chief editor. When Margaret happen to finds out that she is being deported back to Canada, She tells her bosses that this can’t happen as she is about to get married to none other than her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds). Andrew finally agrees to this as Margaret promises that she’ll grant him his long awaited promotion. They took a trip to Andrew’s hometown in order to convince immigration who happen to be suspicious of their marriage and warns them on conducting a fraud.
They spend their weekends in Andrew’s hometown, Sitka, Alaska to celebrate the 90th birthday of Andrew’s grandmother Gammy. Andrew announces his plan to marry Margaret in front of many friends and family members, everyone rejoices except Andrew’s father and ex-girlfriend Gertrude. On their 2nd day, Andrew's mother and Grand mother told the "so called couple" that they married in the barn at their house in conjunction with Gammy’s birthday.
Later that day, Margaret was given a necklace by Grammy as a present. As for her, She was overwhelmed by the reception she receives from Andrew’s family, she decides to tell Andrew’s family about the truth and walk off from the wedding. Gammy fakes a heart attack in order to get Andrew to the airport. However, when Andrew reaches the airport, Margaret’s plane has already departed. Margaret has 24 hours to leave The United States of America as soon as she lands in New York. Andrew finds Margaret packing in her office and announces his love for Margaret in front of the entire office.

Over all, the movie isn't that romantic nor funny but surprisingly it entertains me. I love sandra bullok and i kinda love this movie. The Proposal might not be ground breaking stuff, but it’s a delightful and very enjoyable distraction that will lift your spirits.

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