Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Heroes of Newerth Update

Someone left a message on my messenger asking me for beta keys for Heroes of Newerth. At this moment beta keys are not available since the games is till on it's beta phase and the only way for one to obtain beta keys i think is through purchasing a premium account. you can refer to this link for more information and you can even interact and you can leave comments and reaction regarding the premium accounts. If you wish to acquire beta keys then i suggest you leave a message here , It's one of the admins personal hotline you can use.
Yesterday, S2games released an update for Heroes of Newerth. Aside from fixing some bugs they add a Practice Mode which decreases the leaver threshold to 8% and they also add a new hero Andromeda, based on DotA's Vengeful Spirit.

Along with this new hero Andromeda fixes and updates for the balance of the game will be officially released soon ( Version 0.1.41) this patch features:

- Added Practice mode. To access practice mode, create a game online with the server set to "practice"
- Fixed a couple pathing routes through the trees near the Hellbourne secret stop on Forests of Caldavar
- Leaver threshold changed to 8% (from 10%)

New hero:
- Andromeda, based on DOTA's Vengeful Spirit

- You can now drop items onto the upper left hero portraits and you will attempt to give the item to that hero
- The bottle can now only be used by heroes
- Nullstone now properly negates targeted channel spells (such as devour)
- Shrunken Head's Magic Immunity is no longer dispellable
- Whispering Helm now plays life steal effects
- Abyssal Skull's aura will no longer apply to gadgets

- Spidersting's Spiderling is now a gadget
* This fixes an issue causing it to receive life steal and health regen, making it too hard to kill due to the mechanics of how it is killed
- Added a passive effect to the Spiderling to make it more noticeable

- Cast impact time on Enrage set to 0.69 seconds (from 0.5)
- Cast impact time on Shockwave set to 0 (from 0.3 seconds)
- Magic Immune targets will cause Shockwave to spawn an additional wave of damage (though it will not damage them)

- Mana shield now auto-toggles off when incoming damage puts electrician's mana below 10

- The AOE stun from spawning Malphas will now affect units with Magic Immunity

- Chuck now throws the closest nearby targets, rather than a random one
- Increased speed of Pebbles' stalagmites' projectile to 1200 from 1000
- Fixed Grow causing Chucked units to not take double damage from Stalagmites
- Attack animations now scale properly with Grow

- Swift Slashes now applies a 0.1 second ministun to the primary target

- Impalement will no longer hit splash-immune targets (such as Arachna's Spiderling and couriers)

Wretched Hag:
- Fixed an issue causing Haunt's effects to display abnormally large on some heroes
- Added improved impact effects to Sonar Scream
- Added improved impact effects to Bat Blast
- Fixed an issue causing Bat Blast's effects not to play when Wretched Hag has Staff of the Master

- Call of the Valkyrie now only hits visible units
- The extra wave of damage to one nearby target on Call of the Valkyrie now correctly deals half damage rather than full

Bug fixes:
- Fixed an issue that would cause some players to be unable to buy back sometimes
- Fixed an issue with units bound to projectiles (Valkyrie's leap, electrician's grip) being targetable at their original location
* This fixes issues like Pyromancer's Dragonfire stunning Valkyrie if it impacts while valkyrie is still in the air, despite having leaped outside the range of the AOE
- Fixed an issue causing auto-assemble items not to sell for their correct price
- Fixed an issue causing players to lose an item when it is swapped from a courier into a lot of the stash that already had an item on it

For more updates just visit this blog from time to time for the latest changes and releases of the game.

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