Sunday, July 27, 2008

if i had one day left

Some people are afraid to die or afraid of death, me on the other hand I’m not. I don't fear dying because I know that my "legacy" around my friends and family will hopefully live on forever. I'm afraid of death when it comes to loosing someone close to me because it causes heartache. I have been thinking lately and I have come to realize that if I was aware that I only had one chance to live, I would say my good-byes to my friends, and family. I would eat anything I wanted. I would also go visit my grand ma and tell her my pains and fears and my grand parents grave and tell them that I'll be seeing them soon. I want to do those things I wrote on my bucket list. I would tell everyone not to be sad because I wouldn't have to deal with burdens of the world, global warming, and violence, and everything else we all have to deal with. And with one final good-bye I would go to sleep and wake up in a better place, a place where all the problems vanish and I'm happy. I would cry at the sight of seeing my family cry because I know them they would but I wouldn't be deeply sad because I would know that it was my time, I served my purpose and now it was time for me to be at peace, so I'm not afraid of dying I'm just afraid o loosing people close to me, even if I know they're happy for eternity. It’s kind of weird, writing this post. Well, I’m thinking weirdo lately… THINKING ABOUT DEATH.. As what I have said before I have no intention of dying anytime soon. I’m just open to what will possibly happen. I still want to know the purpose of my life coz I still don’t know where I’m heading…. So weird of me! Hahaha…

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