Monday, July 14, 2008

People are sometimes "a pain in the as*"

I tried playing audition but I didn’t enjoy playing it. I’m done cleaning my room, my dog even got tired playing with me.ahahaha, I wanted to watch movie but my net is a bit slow today… I called up Karen if she can help me with my Dxdiag but unfortunately she was in a hurry because Daboy is waiting for her in Victoria Plaza and when I checked my friends list on my messenger everyone is too busy... It seems boredom doesn’t know how to give up. I’m so pissed with this boredom, with this terrain and those people (I Don’t want to mention names here). It just pisses me off when you try to work and there are this “annoying” people around. It just freaks the whole lot of me. They don’t even know where to put their selves in this world where no one would seem to care what they are about. Well, I’m just so pissed and over bored. I couldn’t take it anymore. At least this post works for me. So much things to think about makes me panic. lol. Add up those people who take your patience off.... there’s a lot to think about. HELL! I’m just super done with it


Anonymous said...

you really are bored.. nyahahah
i cant imagine you staying in your house.. u must have been freaking out already.. nyahaha

cheneetot said...

i'm almost there...
1 semester is long overdue.. hahahaha