Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Taco please

Ohohohoh ….TACO TACO TACO TACO!!! Craving for more TACOOOOOOOO!! Well, to those people who don’t have any idea what taco is. It is a traditional Mexican dish composed of rolled, folded, pliable maize or wheat tortilla, leafy vegetables, taco seasoning, and the fact that a taco can be filled with practically any meat, fish, shellfish, vegetable, and cheese allows for great versatility and variety. I can’t help myself to drool over this food… hahahahahah!

Long before, when I was in 1st yr college. My best friend and I used to go to mall and sometimes drop by at the Ground floor to buy taco. I always stare at her taco and think how awful it would be to taste it. Though I love eating veggies. It doesn’t look appetizing to me and I kept on wondering why she loves it. She wanted me to taste it but I was pretty reluctant to do it because I feel like I might lose my appetite. But last summer, a friend of mine really forced me to eat that food. There I found taco differently than before. So I did order. When it was done, I was amused how delicious it was. So from that time Taco is one of my favorite that I love to eat every time I will go to mall.

There was this time that I was really craving for taco so I decided to go to NCCC Mall since it is the nearest Mall from our house. And there was this one place in the mall and I ordered taco there. I was expecting that it would be delicious just like in Gaisano Mall since I thought they are the same branch. When it served to me I can really taste the flour in the tortilla and I really lost my appetite. Anyways, I think I’m sharing too much information about my taco bell.. ahaha..

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