Friday, November 28, 2008


Christmas is just around the corner and some of us here are just thinking about what to buy for their love once, you even ask any gift ideas. The ideal gift for me this christmas is the video portalbe ipod nano. it is the hottest brand of portable media player in town. With a clear sound and adjustable equalizer, you can adjust your favorite sound effect. Playing almost all format of sound, music lovers should have this gadget in their hand. Additional menus such as calender to adjust your appointment, contact to save your friend's number and pictures to keep your favorite photos, keep your day as bright as morning time. Not to mention simple games to keep you busy while waiting. For a music player, it has almost everything I ever think of. More menus for radio and sound recorder will make it a must have item. even the touchless ipod Touch is cool too. g. The size is not too big and it also has many features, such as repeat mode, shuffle mode, alarm, address book, and slide show. It is perfect for anyone who like jogging and sports. The sound quality are great, easy to use, and also good portability. It also able to download musics from online stores. The battery life is also great. I can connect this ipod to PC through USB cable. The price is a little expensive. you can compare the price here in Price comparison so that you will know the cheapest prices of ipods now.

i have been craving for one of those gadget since it was launched but i can't buy one because i need to save my penny for my schools and other stufffs. hope i am able to help you...
Advance Merry Christmas to all and God bless!


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Amanda said...

Ipod is perfect for anyone who likes jogging and sports.