Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tech tips tricks

There's another blog that i find interesting. tech tips & tricks owned by a frustrated programmer ( that's what i saw) but i don't think the author is frustrated though. i actually like it. it consist of information regarding our technologies. i noticed that most of his post are computer related like javascript, windows, net, wizard and other computer program. i don't really understand some of his posts because in the first place my field of knowledge isn't for computers. There's also posts about Online casino, pokers, and tips of making money online. You can surely learn a lot on that site. especially those young programmer who wants to improve on their fields.
tech tips & tricks

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Mr. Wilson said...

hi..are you into IT related community, maybe your course perhaps?..
technology is one of the fascinating things man have ever made..
nice blog..please come by to my blog..