Wednesday, November 19, 2008

... is just around the corner

.it feels nice to know that somebody cares for you.
..someone who doesn't take you for granted.
..someone who doesn't just talk to you whenever he wants to.
..someone who makes you feel special. needs proper timing. ♥ were a little late though.. *hmmft!*
..a lot of things have happened to me..
..during those times when you were not around. *sniff*
..but I'm glad you were always there and will always be..
..if you're reading this I want to thank you and say sorry.'ve always been there all those years but I failed to look at you..'ve made me realize a lot of things.

..and to the person who made me feel stupid all along...

Hey! Thanks too! made me realize how worthy I am.. be loved and cared for by someone other than you. heart is not a play thing. *bleh* made me experience mixed emotions..
..confused, stupid, naive and crazy sometimes.
..hanging to something that was never there..
..anyway it was all just a BROTHERLY love. ♥
*uhh.. i just realized that! so you know..*
..goodbyes are not forever.. but they do hurt sometimes too.


I remember I have 2 conflicting quotes in my phone..
*I've been wanting to share em`*
Here they are..

"When you walk away,
make sure that you haven't left something you can't live without behind..
Remember.. nothing lasts forever..
No one will wait forever because someone may pick up what you've failed to value.."


"It's better to wait for years for that someone you are sure of..
than to grab that chance with someone who picks you up..
..but drops you wherever he/she wants to.."


Anyway.. which side are you on?
*Hey that's a question out of curiosity!*
Which is better? Hmmmm...

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