Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hotel California

I'm hell bored again, i'm just reading this blog " The lost pages, Adult content, funny" while vending in ragnarok (the most boring part in playing that game) i decided to post another entry here in my boring page.

I saw this post when i was browsing my net... i remember the song my uncle used to sing every time we had our family gather every Christmas or any simple occasion. maybe, some of us are so familiar of the song Hotel California by the Eagle that was released as a single in 1977.

Welcome to the Hotel California.
Such a lovely place. Such a lovely face.
There’s plenty of room at the Hotel California.
Any time of year, You can find it here.

well, it so happen that i saw the real hotel California. isn't it nice? ha ha ha

The lost pages, Adult content, funny

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