Friday, November 27, 2009

Patch Released

Two new Heroes were implemented today and this new patch involves balance of these new heroes and nerf.

- Fixed deflection not doing anything
- Non-hero units can no longer pick up runes

- Turret no longer procs the death effect of Sacrificial Stone
- Turret can no longer attack Kongor or Runes
- You can no longer sell items off the Turret
- Items that you have in your inventory that are not owned by you will no longer be copied to the Turret
- Fixed misc tooltip errors

Forsaken Archer
- Crippling Volley will no longer hit Magic Immune units
- Skeletal Minions now only spawn from organic unit deaths
* This is to stop silly times where you get a skeleton for killing a tower or catapault
- Skeletal Minions can no longer attack chests or runes
* This is to stop situations like killing items when you mean to pick them up
- Fixed Split Fire, reducing damage properly on the main target and making it properly shoot 4 arrows, not 5
- Split Fire will no longer grant Mana Battery charges when toggled on or off


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