Sunday, November 01, 2009

Cater to you by Passion

It's been a while since i last posted something personal here on my precious blog. I am so disappointed with my PR. I made this blog more than a year ago and after 4 months i already had a PR1. Early this year it raises to PR3 but 2 days ago after google updated their system my PR crushed down to 2. I don't want to be cynical about google's way of ranking website and blog site. I still want to thank them for giving my other blog a PR1. I ain't desperate of having higher PR though. I just hope that google will fix this issues coming out because many site owner were complaining.

Anyways, I'm currently listening to Passion's Cater to you. I missed this song. It was originally sang by the Destiny's child, even Usher and baby face also have a rendition of the song but i love passion's version. below are the lyrics and just click on the playlist to play the song... Enjoy :) and Happy All souls day.....


Baby I See You Working Hard
I Want To Let You Know I'm Proud,
Let You Know That I Admire What You Do
The More If I Need To Reassure You, My Life Would Be Purposeless Without You
If I Want It (have It)
When I Ask You (You Provide It)
You Inspire Me To Be Better
You Challenge Me For The Better
So Sit Back And Let Me Pour Out My Love Letter

Let Me Help You
Take Off Your Shoes
Untie Your Shoestrings
Take Off them earrings
What You Want To Eat Boo?
Let Me Feed You
Let Me Run Your Bathwater
Whatever You Desire, I'll Aspire
If you Want It (have It) say the word and (I’ll try it)
And Whatever I'm Not Fulfilling
no other man is willing
cause im gon’ fulfill ya with ma body and spirit

I Promise Ya
I'll Keep Myself Up
remain the same boy you fell in love with
I’ll keep it tight and I’ll keep my figure right
I’ll keep my hair fixed , keep rockin’ the hottest outfits
cause its love you need , to give it is my joy
all I wanna do is cater to you girl

Just let me cater to you cause baby this is your day
do anything for my girl baby you blow me away
I Got Your Slippers, Your Dinner, Your Dessert, And So Much More
Anything You Want, just let me Cater To You
inspired me from the heart can’t nothing tear us apart
you’re all I want in a girl ill put my life in your hands
I Got Your Slippers, Your Dinner, Your Dessert, And So Much More
Anything You Want, just let me Cater To You

Give My Breath, My Strength, My Will To you
That’s the least I can do , let me cater to you
cause your beautiful (your beautiful)
I love the way you are fulfill your every desire (desire)
your wish is my command I wanna cater to my girl [chorus ends]

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