Sunday, November 22, 2009

Patch 0.1.56 Released

S2games released another update forHON but I am sure HON fanatic out there are a bit upset for the delay of the 2 new talk about heroes. Good news is this patch fixes the issue of the Behemoth being broken. It also includes some hero balance tweaks, one more boots change and a new item, Plated Greaves.

Version 0.1.56
- I bet you were expecting 0.1.55. Surprise! No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
- Pre-Query filtering is now available to cut down on the number of servers pinged
* This will help those who time out when pinging servers to avoid that problem
- Fixed a large amount of spelling and grammar errors in all tooltips
- Game lobby chat now switches to team chat automatically once the hero select screen is displayed
- Fixed the game lobby to show 10 players again (For real this time)
- Fixed runes and some creeps disappearing when not synced correctly with the server
- Significant server optimizations
- Glyph to make buildings immune can now be bound to a key and now shows in the control selection interface by default instead of Patrol
- Added a /time chat command to return the current system time/date of the users computer.
- Added an /ignorechat or /ic chat command used to toggle ignoring team/all chat.
* Note this only works for team/all chat in the lobby, hero select screen and in game, not whispers, IM's and other messages.
- The anouncer sound for when a teammate picks up a rune should now be global
- The water and tar in the Wells should now flow freely again
- Fixed an issue with modifiers
- Allow players to leave team during countdown, so they don't have to disconnect to stop it
- Moved the Hellbourne Ancient creeps to stop them being pulled into the lane
- Fixed stealth to break when an attack lands, not when you start the attack and cancel before the impact


New Item, Plated Greaves
- Requires Marchers, a Shield of the Five, and 200 gold recipe cost. 1503 total.
- +70 Movement Speed
- +3 all stats
- +5 Armor
- When used, gives +2 armor and 100% chance to block 10 attack damage to all allied units in a 450 radius for 30 seconds. 25 second cooldown. 25 mana to use.

Enhanced Marchers:
- Renamed to Ghost Marchers
- Ghost Marchers offer +24 damage, +70 movement speed, and when activated boost your movement speed by 10% for 6 seconds
* Ghost Marchers have a 12 second cool down and also apply unit walking while active
* Ghost Marchers once again dispel their active state upon ability usage
- Recipe changed to require Marchers and two Punchdaggers (total cost unchanged)

- Steamboots now give +10 to a selected attribute and no longer provide a bonus to other attributes other than the selected one
- Steamboots now give +25 attack speed
- Steamboots movement speed lowered to 60 (from 75)
- Recipe changed to require Marchers, Gloves of the Swift, and one of the $450 attribute items (Bolstering Armband, Fleetfeet, or Apprentice's Robe)


- Fixed Fissure to properly stun and do damage again
- Fixed an issue causing the AoE stun from Heavyweight to occur at the location of Fissure's target

Demented Shaman
- The little guy learned to talk

- Vanish now has an upkeep mana cost of 2/3/4/5 per second, changed from 3 at all levels
- Electric Eyes can no longer be placed within a 75 radius of trees
* This is to prevent abusive placement resulting in a block of neutral spawns
- Disarm now lasts 1 second, from 2

- Fixed Demon Hand's tooltip to be 150 instead of 100
* Demon Hand was doing the correct amount of damage, the tooltip was simply incorrect

The Dark Lady:
- Dark Blades cool down reduced by 4 seconds at all levels (from 26/22/18/14 to 22/18/14/10)
- Charging Strikes' attack speed buff now lasts 6 seconds, increased from 5
- Cover of Darkness now costs 75 mana at all levels (from 50/100/150)

Wild Soul
- Fixed Rabid with Synergy tooltip when it is level 4

Witch Slayer
- Can now speak
- Silver Bullet can no longer be avoided by going invisible as the projectile is in midair


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