Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Patch 0.1.58 Released

Finally! The much awaited 2 new heroes:Engineer and Forsaken Archer, which are both agility heroes. Sand Wraith and Corrupted Disciple got their voices, and there are some nice interface updates and two new chat commands.

Version 0.1.58
New Heroes
Engineer, Legion Ranged Agility
Forsaken Archer, Hellbourne Ranged Agility

- Updated Recommended Items
- Deflection from items now happens before combat type adjustment
- Fixed Scout to apply the attack speed buff out of Vanish right away instead of 1 attack later
- Behemoth's Fissure can no longer target trees or allies, just enemies or a position
- Soul Reaper's Judgement will no longer heal or damage gadgets
- Demented Shaman's voice was tweaked a bit
- Sand Wraith now has the voice of death itself
- Corrupted Disciple has the voice of... a very evil guy

- The Pre-Query filter checkbox now remembers the previous state it was in and defaults to "On" unless set otherwise.
- Updated filter list to support USC, USE, USS, USW, and DE server locations
- Fixed "Assign Host" feature so you can pass host of a game to someone else in the lobby
- Moved around the Base and Advanced Team options to provide for more room
- Updates to Icon Key and various other outdated tooltips.
- Added a new game option "Auto Balance", available in the main lobby and game setup screens.
* If "Shuffle Teams" option is selected, the server will use the "Auto Balance" over the "Shuffle Teams" option.
* Once the host clicks start game and the timer finishes counting down, all team slots will be unlocked and the server will perform an autobalance. Upon showing the hero selection screen the new teams will be displayed.
- Added a /roll command that users can use to simulate a dice roll. Usage: /roll 1 32767. This is broadcast to all players in the channel it is used in.
- Added an /emote command that users can use to emote their actions. This is broadcast to all players in the channel it is used in.


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