Thursday, September 25, 2008

wishul thinkin

would it be so nice to hear the song "only one" by yellowcard being sung to you? yes, i have imagined it a couple of times ( i think its a million ) if what would i react if somebody would sing that song to me.. i think i could cry (totally!)

yes, it is rock, but the content of the song and how the singer sang it made me feel like i felt it all my life, like i was the one he is pertaining every time it would be played in the radios of each station in the world, that i was the one he wanted to say "you are my only one"

that i was the one he loved

that i am the one he loves

so much for dreaming, sicko. i swear, i totally love that song.. i guess someday my knight will sing it to me, and he wouldn't be afraid to tell the world.. if ever that someday wouldn't come,

maybe in my next life.. =D

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