Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Sassy Girl (English version)- a Terrible Remark

On a whim, I decided to rent the U.S. remake of the hit Korean flick "My Sassy Girl." About 20 minutes into the movie, I was so completely disgusted with the movie that I just had to stop watching. The acting was so painfully shitty and the plot was so horribly screwed up that I couldn't bear to watch. The pinnacle of destructive love stories was completely annihilated by this abomination of a movie. I could hardly keep myself from throwing up in my mouth.

A few notable things that annoy me about bad movies (which characteristic of this movie as well)

1) I hate actors who try so damn hard to enunciate. I know they teach you to enunciate in speech class. But this is NOT speech class kids. This is a movie... and movies are supposed to sound natural.
2) I hate actors who seem to be reading directly from a script. This is not dictation. This is speaking.
3) I hate actors who overdo facial expressions. This is not miming. This is acting.

Particulars about this movie that I hated:

1) That had to be the absolute worst justification for "blind dating" arranged by a relative. In Asia, it makes sense, but not in the American context.
2) The girl was too overtly drunk.
3) She was not treating the guy badly enough.
4) The guy was overly rejecting her when he was supposed to be passive.
5) There was no undertone of wanting or needing to "live" more in the original movie, and why should there be?
6) All the funny scenes where taken out.
7) She was the one who was supposed to be in charge, not him.
8) The girl was not mean enough.
9) He was not supposed to have a roommate.
10) He was supposed to take her to a hotel and put her to bed.
11) The movie was not supposed to key on her breaking up, but rather, on taking away her pain.
12) The guy looked too preppy.

These were just the things I picked up on in the first 20 minutes before I was so disgusted that I had to stop watching. Ohhhhhh, this totally ruined my entire night. I'm so mad

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