Tuesday, September 09, 2008

10 more days

Sept 10, 2008! weee.... 10 more days and I'm turning 19. It means I’m not a baby anymore for my family and friends who kid me always coz they always think that I’m still a baby. Anyways, as I contemplate the past event of my light brings back some memories uninvited. Dreams that forever remains unreachable. Dreams that still live up this day, Dreams that have made me, Dreams that are making me, and Dreams that will make me. As a cuddly three- years old, I was among those children who wished upon a star. So to speak, I was one of those children who believe in fairy god mother and Santa Claus. As I grow up, the fancy idea of them become a childhood thing.
I can still remember the time when a long cherish dream was shattered into pieces. Life has its own share of surprises. We sometimes caught in the most unexpected circumstances. I was in the middle of my life when the worst nightmare roused me in my sleep. The fate has left me an indelible mask that the mere thought of it will cause me to clinch my fist. Having believed the true essence of love and forgiveness. Before my 19th birthday. I was able to let go of the pain and struggle to move on. I have wished to sing the merriest tune and I did. The peace that I have long been dreaming was the best gift that I will always come to know, finally peace and harmony will be foster and dwell in my heart forever…
Looking back at the series of pitiful and setbacks in my life, only a simple girlish grin would melt anyone who would dare me challenge once more. I have always been optimistic that on the other tip of dark tunnel lies a lighted path.


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