Sunday, September 28, 2008

Death Note

Death Note is a story about a super-intelligent boy called Light Yagami who one day finds a Death Note, a notebook dropped by a shinigami (literally Death God). Light finds out that if you write someone's name in the book, that person will die - and immediately sets out on a crusade to kill dangerous criminals. It's a very interesting subject - I think probably pretty much everyone has at one point or another been thinking about what they would do if it would be possible to kill someone without any fear of being caught. What makes Death Note disturbing thought is the way Light approaches this task - just like everyone has probably thought about what they would do in that situation, most people would choose to kill maybe one or two really awful people, you know Hitler’s and that sort - whereas Light sets out on a killing spree without even once questioning whether he's doing the right thing. For he thinks he's creating a perfect Utopian world with him as God, and believes that he is indeed righteous.
But soon enough Interpol hires another super-intelligent youngster, a mysterious detective called L to find this serial killer media calls Kira derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the word killer,. When L starts closing in on Kira, Light soon realizes that he may have to start killing not only criminals but also the police that are after him - and like everything he does he does this in cold-blood and without a hesitation. However for Light to be able to kill with the Death Note he needs to know what a person looks like as well as their real name, and recluse L not only refuses to show his face but also always works under pseudonyms.
Light is unlike any other protagonist I've ever come across. Sure, he's handsome and intelligent - but he's also completely unemotional and psychopathic with literally no redeeming qualities, yet the reader can't totally put him at fault. On the other hand opposite Light is L, another unemotional and psychopathic boy but this one is dedicated to catching Kira and saving lives instead of destroying them. The intellectual sparring between the two main characters is extremely well shown and at times it's so clever takes your breath away - and as you know I'm a total sucker for animes

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