Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Drop every fear

We grow and we change. We learn to feel and learn to embrace. We struggle through life with dedication, drive and constancy on our side and passion, fire and ambition on the other, all awhile our failures place a light upon our weaknesses. However, we never admit to our defeats. We envy those who are multitalented. We wish to multifaceted. We breathe to be a loved, a feeling so amazing it empowers our soul. But a warrior within is what we live to become.

Paper cuts may bleed and hearts may be broken; walls may have crumbled and trusts may have withered. Egos may be bruised and battle scars may never fade, but it is the hurt that makes us realize what is real and the effort it takes to get back up will carry us to the top of this world.

Chances are glory lies within your path. Finding it is in your hands.

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