Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Naruto ♥ Hinata

Hinata is one of my favorite Naruto Character. She is an extremely shy and timid shinobi, whose one goal is to to be strong. Her inspiration is mainly on Naruto, whom she has a huge crush on. She is one of the advance bloodline called the Hyuuga-clan and obtained the bloodline's ability called the Byakugan that can see chakra in the body.

I love seeing Naruto and Hinata,they are really so cute together and mostly the funny thing is that hinata faint so fast every time naruto get too close to her! So yeah! I'm such a huge fan of HINATA



Suichi said...

Lovely.. woot woot..

Naturo <3 Hinata Forever.. ROFLMAO

cheneetot said...

yeah! i wish they would end up together